Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Girls Generation - The Boys Video Used to test LED TV's

For the longest of time, whenever I walk into a TV shop such as SenQ or whatever Q is out there that sells TV's,

hoping to find the ultimate display TV in the world,

the bang for the buck,

and the one that comes with the ultimate free gifts,

I come to realize that they always play this one Video on most of the TV's on Display.

THAT ONE VIDEO that always catches my eyes to make sure that guys like me who normally don't know something good even when its right infront of me, will NOTICE IT. Eventually of course..

So, just awhile ago, as outdated as I am, I decided to find out who this group of singers were and I finally found the video again.

Enjoy the video~!!

And if you don't feel like its of any good, you'd probably missing the point, YOU NEED A NEW TV!!!

New Songs, 11th July 2012