Monday, January 02, 2012

My Blackberry Curve Can Break Afterall

For a long time, after saving some hard-earned money and after much persuasion from a very close friend, I finally decided to get myself a Blackberry Curve 8310. It was very NEW then and felt like the closes thing a man can have to a new and young girlfriend.

But after three years, she got older, much much older, but was one of those girlfriend that persevered over time and was still in good working condition in short, everything worked!

The kind of phone that I will never need to change it until she decided that it was time for her to go herself.

What else can a man ask for in this day of age for such reliability.

So, for many years now, I always felt that the Blackberry Curve that I bought 3 years ago, was gonna be one of those hardy phones that will never seem to break.

Or Crack.

Had they advertised the toughness of the phone by getting people to throw the phone against a solid board just like how G-Shock has done with their watches,


Had they thrown the phone from the top of KOMTAR or TWIN TOWERS to prove that this phone was unbreakable,


But, while most of you would have probably seen or heard how everyone spent the last few hours of the year 2011, mine ended rather differently.

My believes has taken me aback.

When most times that I have dropped my blackberry and picking it up from the floor like nothing would happen in-line with the believe that this phone is indestructible, and ready to be used in the battlefields of modern warfare,


Dropped my phone this time and the Screen Cracked.

A Permanent Lightning Design.

So there you go guys, my last glimpse of the year 2011. The Blackberry Curve 8310 is not as tough as one might think but it still works though believe it or not.


Samantha Cole said...

Oh. I'm glad your Blackberry is still working after having dropped it a lot of times. Truly, your phone has served you well. I guess it’s about time to let it go. =)

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