Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Still earning money from my blog without blogging

Just awhile ago, I checked my account at my usual ATN (Automated Teller Nuffnang also known as the website that you log in) and realized that i'm still earning money.

My Blog is still earning...


How is it possible that i'm still earning "Paper" money when i've not even updated or even visited my own blog for nearly half a year!

It's RM21.73 as of this moment which means that if my calculations are right, if one cent is one visit, means that my blog has been visited

TWO THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY THREE TIMES!! (at least make it sound good leh)




And because of that, I feel that at least i'm obliged to at least write something for my invisible readers and start updating again.

It doesn't make sense that I'm earning money with no effort involved..

I mean I believe that money grow on trees and all that, but sometimes there's just more fun watering the tree than actually the fruit of the labor. 

So, for all you invisible readers out there that may or may not have accidentally clicked on this blog, thank you for visiting and I think i'm gonna try update more regularly again and fill you guys up with what has been happening.


Botak said...

quite good., Keep it up man..

Original CikTeddy said...

how lucky,man!

ezree said...

Good,than keep up your work!

Pesta Jiwa said...

thats good .. at least people out there still visit...& we can earn something..pasive income...can we say that..?

sabree hussin said...

some time people still come because they search something on the search engine and come to take any picture being uploaded in this blog

EeSoon said...

how I wish my earning is as much as yours... haiz...

appreciate your supporters! Cheers friend!

thomas said...

Your old posting did the trick.

zool said...

Good bro. No update but still visitor.. Good SEO..

Mr Gin said...

Thank you everyone for visiting!Will visit all your blogs after this! :)

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