Saturday, January 08, 2011

Time Out Comedy Thursday

Most times or in fact every time when we tell you we are going to Zouk, only one thing comes to mind


So it would be rather strange if you did something else and not that.

As a result, the strangest thing happened to me.

I went to Zouk two days ago, not to go clubbing but to attend a COMEDY which was organized by Timeout KL.

I was at first reluctant to go as word went around that Amateur's were going to perform instead of the usual Malaysian big name comedians such as Harith Iskandar and thats about how many known comedians I know that gave me a real good laugh before.

Reluctant as well because I actually have to pay for this comedy when normal jokes that I hear once awhile from close friends was good enough for me. But since, this event was something really different and we definitely don't have such events in Penang, I decided that I might as well give it a shot.

*Also, I did not hear any jokes for that particular day and  needed some to smoothen my day*

Anyway, instead of the usual I see you, you see me situation in the nightclub,

this is how it looks like inside when the nightclub becomes a stand-up comedy place.

The first guy that came up had alot of pressure on him as he had to get the crowd to laugh from a moody unsettled face from work to a laughing crowd.

Things did not go too well for him as planned and everyone could tell how his MOJO was taken away from him because people weren't laughing at his jokes at all. It was the suckiest feeling ever but it was his first time.

So the crowd at first was not too happy of what to expect from the other comedians to come as the first guy pretty much set the impression that the rest of the comedians of the day would pretty much be the same since all of them were ameteurs anyway.

However things turned out for the better and I really had a good laugh from the rest of the comedians. Always loved a good laugh especially on a weekday. Alot of the jokes felt original and just love the creativity that comes with it. Good Jokes just never turns old somehow.

After two hours, the comedy came to an end. It was really a good experience and this happens to be one of the cool things that you can find and do only in Kuala Lumpur. It's not expensive either at RM15 only and i'm already looking forward to more comedy events in Zouk.

Leaving Zouk, a lot more people started coming in to come for the usual clubbing do.

 Sigh..If only these clubbers knew what they were missing, or did I?hmm....

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