Wednesday, January 05, 2011

My New Year Eve Present

Ok, one of the things I've left out in my previous post while trying to include everything that we did on New Years eve was this gift that was given to us after ordering two bucket of beers that we ordered in Havana Club.

It was a humongous Heineken bottle opener and it looked really nice.

Now had the free gift been a free Mercedes Benz or a BMW,

everyone would have paid more attention on who would be getting the gift but since it was a crappy Heineken Bottle Opener, the girls were not interested at all and so, it ended up in my hands since I had more love for it than everybody else on the table.

Now if you haven't read Tiam's blog yet on our New Year Eve outing,

At the end of the night, I actually brought back the Heineken Bottle Opener. The reason Tiam did not see it was because I actually kept it in my pocket.. Tiam I wouldn't be going back empty handed after all that effort!!Not even the fireworks would sway my attention from it. hahaha..

Anyway just as proof that I did bring it back, here are a few pictures of it right infront of me.

So there you go guys... 20 years from now if you do see this lying somewhere around my house some day, you know where I got it from and how I got it. It's not just any opener, its the memories that comes with it of spending time with close friends on New Years Eve 2010.

My Heineken Bottle Opener, My Precious.

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