Friday, December 30, 2011

10 blog post for 2011

Ok I just realised and should just make a short blog post.

I only made 10 blog postings for the year 2011.

10 POST!

Actually 9 post if it wasn't for my 2012 new year greeting.

So..hopefully more good things to come for you all soon and hope to beat my old record.

p/s: I'm also posting things up because I really


Have nothing to do now while waiting to go back home.....

Happy New Year Everyone!

I would like to take this opportunity just like every year at this period of time by wishing all of you..


Lets welcome 2012 with full of spirits!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Still earning money from my blog without blogging

Just awhile ago, I checked my account at my usual ATN (Automated Teller Nuffnang also known as the website that you log in) and realized that i'm still earning money.

My Blog is still earning...


How is it possible that i'm still earning "Paper" money when i've not even updated or even visited my own blog for nearly half a year!

It's RM21.73 as of this moment which means that if my calculations are right, if one cent is one visit, means that my blog has been visited

TWO THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY THREE TIMES!! (at least make it sound good leh)




And because of that, I feel that at least i'm obliged to at least write something for my invisible readers and start updating again.

It doesn't make sense that I'm earning money with no effort involved..

I mean I believe that money grow on trees and all that, but sometimes there's just more fun watering the tree than actually the fruit of the labor. 

So, for all you invisible readers out there that may or may not have accidentally clicked on this blog, thank you for visiting and I think i'm gonna try update more regularly again and fill you guys up with what has been happening.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Cheap Carpark near Pavillion Kuala Lumpur

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to meet up with two beautiful girls in Kuala Lumpur.

At different spots and different times of course.

Over the period of conversation, these two girls were sharing their point of view when it comes to money. It is not uncommon that such a conversation would take place at this point of our lives because, like any independent working woman with noticeable finance background would know, money is very important and how her future man handles it.

I couldn't help but notice that both girls had very differing views although this views had an indirect implication of the way I handle my money.

The first girl felt that life is short. Why earn money when you can't even spend it on yourself?We make money, we must also spend to enjoy life. Life is short Gin (To ascertain me how short life was again)

The other girl however had a more direct approach. She asked me whether I was good in saving money. (Conversation took place because she had this perceived idea that men simply aren't good in saving money based on her previous relationships) I told her i'm quite good at it. I'm Penangite afterall.

With two schools of thought, I shall now let you know the cheapest carpark at Pavillion Kuala Lumpur that I have discovered in my time over there which may be of good use if some of you would still like to see some money left after going shopping in Pavillion during the weekend.

As we all know, parking in Pavillion is pretty expensive. The price of parking at Pavillion over the weekend can be as much as buying yourself a few packets of Nasi Lemak which will settle days of morning hunger.

The price of parking is enough to pay a quarter of your water bills.

The price of parking is also enough to get you a nice bubble tea drink from Chatime.

In other parts of the world, the amount of money you pay for car park at Pavillion is able to supply clean water to a family for a week who does not have such access as fortunate ONE Malaysians do.

So unless, you are not into saving this amount of money to enjoy the small little things in life and for the betterment of mankind, then by all means, park at Pavillion itself.

Having said that, one of the cheapest carpark that I have discovered near Pavillion Kuala Lumpur is parking my car at Menara Standard Chartered which is a small walking distance away from the shopping mall itself.

The building looks like this.

The entrance to the car park looks like this.

And its located right at the corner of Pavillion Kuala Lumpur.

Basically the parking charges at Menara Standard Chartered are as follows: -

Monday - Friday:
First Hour = RM3
Subsequent hour = RM2.5
Per Entry (6pm - 7am) : RM6

First hour: RM3
Subsequent hour: RM2.50
Per Entry (after 1pm) : RM6

Sunday/Public Holiday
Per Entry: RM6

As you can see, RM6 is the most you pay for parking here and you get to spend your time at Pavillion without having to worry about paying more for car park. The carpark is pretty much safe (What are you talking about, its the bank's carpark), and its only a small walking distance away.

Though RM6 may still be alot to pay for car park for many people, but it comes as a significant saving which will benefit mankind as a whole and still get you the smaller little things in life as compared to parking in the shopping mall itself. Anyhow you're coming to Pavillion, you will still need to spend!!

So coming back to the two school of thoughts, if you're going to bring out girl number 1, YOU BETTER NOT BE PARKING HERE AT MENARA STANDARD CHARTERED. Life is short. It's not like you can't spend a few notes just to park properly inside the shopping mall to make your shopping experience a little more comfortable. Also is uncool and you're cheap. She's definitely not going to expect something called Chanel, Gucci or Hermes or Hugo Boss 

coming from a person like you. In fact not even expecting something small like a keychain that spells LOVE from Parkson. The kind of LOVE that will make her life seem even shorter than it already is. And also, You're going to make her walk???

On the other hand, if you're going to bring out girl number 2, PLEASE PARK YOUR CAR AT MENARA STANDARD CHARTERED BY ALL MEANS. She will realise soon enough that you have proven to be good in saving money at least when it comes to parking your car.

With that said, in my first attempt to park at Menara Standard Chartered, you'd probably be wondering which girl I brought along to have a wonderful time at Pavillion with money saved enough to buy a cup of bubble tea...


Both of them were not looking for "CHEAP"!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Blogging Experience Begins Again

I get it! It's true my blog is like an on off switch!

Whenever I feel like it, I pen a few words and then after that I take leave...

LEAVE!!Maybe leave would be the wrong word here. ABSENT would seem more suitable.

But its only been two months ago since I last put up a post. So...It's not like its a big deal. Anyway will be updating again real soon. There are some things I would like to talk about. Its 12pm right now so, not going to do any posting. Thanking you for reading if yer reading this.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

My Best Friends Wedding

Okay since we were in the atmosphere of relationships I was suppose to add a few video clips to my previous post to show what would have happened if both of them got married, but for remembrance sake, I might as well add it into a separate post. This was a movie some time ago, back then when we only could watch it on VCD's, and for some reason happens to be one of my favourite movies. I guess i just like the whole jolly thing they all have together. Just for good times sake, here are some of my favourite parts.

Gong Xi Fa Chai 2011


SIN NEE KUAI LOK! May the year of rabbit fills your life with loads of happiness, joy and success, and stay healthy.


But wait...

before I would end this post. I realised something that happens to me every year and it happens to be very true. None of my close friends message me to wish me Happy Chinese New Year when I receive wishes from ppl whom I don't even meet throughout the year. Mind boggling sometimes.. haha..

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Time Out Comedy Thursday

Most times or in fact every time when we tell you we are going to Zouk, only one thing comes to mind


So it would be rather strange if you did something else and not that.

As a result, the strangest thing happened to me.

I went to Zouk two days ago, not to go clubbing but to attend a COMEDY which was organized by Timeout KL.

I was at first reluctant to go as word went around that Amateur's were going to perform instead of the usual Malaysian big name comedians such as Harith Iskandar and thats about how many known comedians I know that gave me a real good laugh before.

Reluctant as well because I actually have to pay for this comedy when normal jokes that I hear once awhile from close friends was good enough for me. But since, this event was something really different and we definitely don't have such events in Penang, I decided that I might as well give it a shot.

*Also, I did not hear any jokes for that particular day and  needed some to smoothen my day*

Anyway, instead of the usual I see you, you see me situation in the nightclub,

this is how it looks like inside when the nightclub becomes a stand-up comedy place.

The first guy that came up had alot of pressure on him as he had to get the crowd to laugh from a moody unsettled face from work to a laughing crowd.

Things did not go too well for him as planned and everyone could tell how his MOJO was taken away from him because people weren't laughing at his jokes at all. It was the suckiest feeling ever but it was his first time.

So the crowd at first was not too happy of what to expect from the other comedians to come as the first guy pretty much set the impression that the rest of the comedians of the day would pretty much be the same since all of them were ameteurs anyway.

However things turned out for the better and I really had a good laugh from the rest of the comedians. Always loved a good laugh especially on a weekday. Alot of the jokes felt original and just love the creativity that comes with it. Good Jokes just never turns old somehow.

After two hours, the comedy came to an end. It was really a good experience and this happens to be one of the cool things that you can find and do only in Kuala Lumpur. It's not expensive either at RM15 only and i'm already looking forward to more comedy events in Zouk.

Leaving Zouk, a lot more people started coming in to come for the usual clubbing do.

 Sigh..If only these clubbers knew what they were missing, or did I?hmm....

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

My New Year Eve Present

Ok, one of the things I've left out in my previous post while trying to include everything that we did on New Years eve was this gift that was given to us after ordering two bucket of beers that we ordered in Havana Club.

It was a humongous Heineken bottle opener and it looked really nice.

Now had the free gift been a free Mercedes Benz or a BMW,

everyone would have paid more attention on who would be getting the gift but since it was a crappy Heineken Bottle Opener, the girls were not interested at all and so, it ended up in my hands since I had more love for it than everybody else on the table.

Now if you haven't read Tiam's blog yet on our New Year Eve outing,

At the end of the night, I actually brought back the Heineken Bottle Opener. The reason Tiam did not see it was because I actually kept it in my pocket.. Tiam I wouldn't be going back empty handed after all that effort!!Not even the fireworks would sway my attention from it. hahaha..

Anyway just as proof that I did bring it back, here are a few pictures of it right infront of me.

So there you go guys... 20 years from now if you do see this lying somewhere around my house some day, you know where I got it from and how I got it. It's not just any opener, its the memories that comes with it of spending time with close friends on New Years Eve 2010.

My Heineken Bottle Opener, My Precious.

My New Year Eve 2010 in Kuala Lumpur

For the past few years, i've been spending New Years Eve by holding a small private house party at my place in Penang with a few close friends so much so that it has become quite a ritual that I ended up doing every year.

I always felt that celebrating at home to welcome the new year was the most comfortable and doing it the right way. The right way in the sense that all of us would be able to enjoy good music based on our preference, cakes, champagne, alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, easy parking, and able to see fireworks from afar.

Opening the champagne bottle at the strike of New Year was always a memorable experience.

An experience that most of us would surely not be doing had we gone outside to celebrate, which would cost us a bomb to even open a bottle of champagne.It just felt like the right way to celebrate the end of the year and to welcome the new one. Nothing felt better than to see everyone having a good time together even though we haven't seen each other in a while.

However, after all those years, it has finally come to an end because this year, I decided that I would be celebrating New Years Eve in Kuala Lumpur. We were going to experience what it was like again outside with the "Revellers of Kuala Lumpur".

So it started off by going to Cafe Vivo in Pavillion where we had dinner there. That's Leon and Tiam.

Then the rest of them went to have ice-cream later (I think i should start taking better shots with my camera, what was I thinking taking from the back)

Then that's when all HELL BREAKS LOSE!!

People were simply EVERYWHERE!!

If you're wondering how CHAOS looks like, this is it! I've never in my life seen such a packed bukit bintang. I can't even imagine what was it like driving your car through a crowd like that. I guess I know why its not easy to just ramm a bunch of zombies on the road if there are a whole lot of them.

Then there are these guys who sells this bottled foam spray for RM10 for four bottles. He would be jumping around hoping to attract a "Reveller of Kuala Lumpur" to buy it from him.

The reveller will buy it so that they can spray it on other people whom they think is having a dull moment on the streets. By spraying foam on the "dull person" hopefully would bring their spirits back up. They would just spray it on anyone.

It came to a point that everytime someone would shake the spray can, we knew it was only about time that we would get sprayed as well. Luckilly none of us were targeted except one of the girls who were with us.

 Even cars that were parked along the road was not spared from the spray. (I still have no idea why people still park their car along the road even on such occasions..Really no idea!)

Well other than seeing innocent people getting sprayed down on the road, there were of course other things to see as well.

There were ballons for sale.

A Taximan was there as well to showcase his PRECIOUS toy collection in his taxi parked at the side of the road.

Then also just to spice things up, the police had to display their K-9 dogs to entertain the revellers. The Dogs were really big I must say.

I suppose they were on display to make the revellers be aware and not be out of control or else the dogs will be set loose upon them.

So after a long struggle along the streets of Bukit Bintang, we finally managed to get to Cangkat where we will be spending the rest of the night there.

We ended up at Havana which was a small little bar at the corner of Cangkat. Ordered two buckets of Heineken Beer and waited for the fireworks.

At the strike of midnight, we knew it was 2011 when the fireworks came about. We all came out of the bar and stood by the side of the road to watch the fireworks which went on for about 10 minutes.

All in all, it was one experience unlike the once I always hold anually. It was really something different but turned out pretty well. I really had a good time with Tiam, Leon, Liang, Ringo, and Tiam's Shorty.

Happy New Year!!