Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Where to Pay Polis Saman in Penang?

Two days ago, after hearing that all polis traffic saman will be given a 50% discount if you pay up between 1st December 2010 to 15th December 2010,

I decided that it was time that the saman which happened to one of our family cars needed to take up on such an opportunity.

Initially we did not know we had a saman until we wanted to renew the road tax of the car at JPJ that we were told we could only renew the road tax for only 6 months instead of 1 year until your saman has been paid off. Apparently the JPJ system is hooked up to this whole Saman system.

Now, the funny thing is, nobody knew how we got it as it happened many many months ago. If there was anything, most of us in order to defuse the whole problem, would have paid for the saman and carried on our lives at JPJ. Sadly, they do not have a system or booth to let us pay our polis saman which means that we will need to go to a police station and pay it and come back again.

The saman that we got was for speeding, thus nobody really knew who drove the car because it happened a long time back.

To cut the story short, the 50% discount offer was just too good to be true and too TIMELY, thus two days ago, I made a beeline to the police station on Jalan Dato Keramat as it happens to be the only place i know in the whole of Penang Island which lets you pay your traffic Saman.

Taking time off work, upon arriving at the polis station, I had to park my car outside the polis station because they did not have enough car park for the public to park inside. So, everyone else including myself took the chance to park along the road which was illegal which means that I would STAND A CHANCE to get a parking Saman again outside the polis station. But I guess, the polis were a little lenient and allowed everyone to do so.

Inside the polis station, thats where things were not so smooth. Penangites being Penangites, whenever there is a discount, it becomes a queue!

A queue so long that I was waiting behind at least 50 people before my turn just to pay up my saman.

It was becoming not so worth my while because alot of my time was taken up just to get this saman paid up but since I was there, I might as well wait since maybe the system was very efficient to let everyone pay their saman. I mean how hard can the paying system be. It should be as easy as the highway toll system.

But just as my turn was coming up, after spending time looking at how blue the sky was

and how many police cars they had as well as large cannons.

and how many "naughty" people they actually manage to catch during that period of time,

The system went offline!!

I mean how is this possible??I waited for nearly an hour hoping that even the glimpse of a super hot police woman would pass which will make my while, which did not even happen!

There was nothing the police could do but ask everyone to come back again the next day. I can't help but imagine how much the police actually had a lost in revenue dat evening. People actually were queuing up to pay money to them which is their hard earned cash.

Now, I would have paid off the saman online but then again, even they got the websites wrong.

Everything was just wrong at the polis station that day. Where else to pay Polis Saman??


Anonymous said...

Best is to leave it as there is no credentials in the equipment used and wether proper calibration was done on the equipment used. You realised that they send you after 6 month which makes it impossible for you to remember anything other than yes you might have travel along the highway to somewhere, and yes now you cant do anything else but pay. May be not, there is little proof that the system is accurate for accusing you for speeding, i would guess it should be something like 123 km/hr because that is the safest number for them to book you a ticket. Anything under 120km/ hr will not get you a ticket since they give tolerance of 10 km/hr, therefore you know what thier smart brain does to keep you feel may be i was a bit over and 50% sound like a good deal to pay for something they made up. So you decide.....

Anonymous said...

Why pay saman? Think twice....