Thursday, December 23, 2010

Penang Famous Realtor

A few months ago after chatting with a friend at a nearby coffeeshop sipping affordable Kopi Oh instead of having World's Best Coffee at Starbucks, I realised that I had to do alot of visioning in my life and might end up drinking Kopi Oh for the rest of my life. 

Never again would I be able to seat in another Starbucks like I used to do before.

Never again would I be able to buy another blackberry but to buy another cheap Nokia phone if my present phone goes wrong as long as I am contactable.

Never again would I be able to take MAS or Singapore Airlines to fly but take budget flights from Airasia.

Never again would I be able to eat food in fancy restaurants but in coffee shops.

Never again because what I do for the next 10 to 20 years of my life determines what comes above my head.

Let me explain...

You see, a few months ago, I met up with an old classmate of mine from KDU.

She is none other than Serena. A girl who is smart, easy-going, and if there was anyone I knew who would be successful in life, it would be her. But today she is known for something else as well.

Today she's a famous realtor from Penang also known as Penang Famous Realtor who works in Henry Butcher. What she does is that she acts as an intermediary between seller and buyer of a property.

Something like a good friend of yours who would introduce you to another guy or girl and if you both find interest in each other and enter into a relationship, unlike a normal good friend, this good friend will need to be a PAID a certain amount in CASH depending how HOT the relationship is.

 Now previously(before I met her of course), I never really had a clue of how much owning a property can be on Penang Island. I also never quite understood why there are so many people in the country who are squatters.

I never quite understood why some people would have a sudden sadness in their eyes or admiration when they hear you stay at places like the Cove at Tanjung bungah, or Gurney Paragon, Alila Bungalows, or Bayu Ferengghi just to name a few.

I mean I thought I would just,

JUST buy a unit in the COVE in Penang Island after working for a few years. Settle down, Marry, Make Babies, Buy LCD TV and live happily ever after with the wonderful view outside my window of the SEA.

Not until I visited the Penang Famous Realtor's blog at
(A blog created by Serena that gives an overview of properties for sale in Penang.)

As a result,


Even the cove unit starts at RM1.8 million according to her blog.

Even if i never again do any of the things I said above earlier, a normal wage earner like me would never be able to afford a nice place like that at the moment. Serena has made me realised that I would have to start saving NOW. The economic condition in Penang of buying a property is such that the longer you wait, the price of a property goes much higher. Which means to say, you can never really afford it even when you can.

Anyway, I know my dream of JUST wanting to buy any of the property highlighted in Serena's blog is almost over. Not unlesss I found a GOLD mine or something. But until then, i'll just stay at places not highlighted in Serena's blog that don't cost millions.

I'll seat on Government Empty Land!!FREE!!


Shaikh Ashher said...

I just came across your blog and wanted to say I really enjoyed this post. If you don't already, you will have a very popular blog someday, so Keep on blogging! If you want to you can check out my blog as well . Have a great day!

Mr Gin said...

shaikh: haha thank you thank you!yours is just as interesting as well!