Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Paying Polis Saman at Queensbay Mall Penang

Last weekend, I went to Queensbay Mall Penang which happens to be the largest mall in Penang (well at least to me that is)

I went there not to see Christmas Decorations to get into the spirit of Christmas.

I wasn't there to see Fashion Shows.

I wasn't going there to seat outside of queensbay mall where coconut trees are held with stilts beside the sea and wait for the moon to shine.

And more importantly, I wasn't going there to do any shopping either, sadly when even Christmas is just around the corner.

The only difference between what normal people would do there was completely different from what I was going there for.

I WENT THERE TO PAY POLIS TRAFFIC SAMAN AGAIN! (I had to because for some reason my traffic saman does not show up on myeg website but instead comes up on JPJ. Coincidence?)

If you have read my previous post, I couldn't pay my polis saman as they had a problem with their system.

But I decided that my second attempt in trying to settle my summons at a 50% discount should be done at the MALL as i've heard they have a booth over there.

I mean how bad can it get...Its inside a mall. It should be nice and cold isn't it?

Well things did not quite turn out that way because as it turns out...

I had to queue up with 60 over people ahead of me waiting for the booth to open up at 2pm outside the mall and not inside. I was there 40 minutes early thinking I would be one of the early birds to get my traffic summons setttled the moment the counter opens but then again..that did not happen and i became an angry bird.

It was really a rainy afternoon and despite the heavy rain, people were standing equipped with their umbrellas waiting to settle their summon/s.

After waiting for half an hour after the booth was opened, I realized that the queue was getting no where that I decided to abandon all hopes of settling the saman at the discounted rate. The queue was so long because they only had one counter open despite knowing and seeing the huge response from the public to pay up their saman over the past one week.

The queue was so long that even some of them had to risk their lives whenever a car wanted to drive through to park their car inside the mall.

Anyway, I know this saman discount thing would come as a gift for christmas, but as a suggestion, I think the polis could at least make an attempt to make the transaction of settling saman's much easier to the public.

Here's some suggestions: -

1) Set up many computers and hire part time staff to receive payment of saman and issue receipts during such operation discount schemes held by the polis.

2) Set up many counters inside the shopping mall and not outside whenever you hold such operation discount schemes.

3) Have a numbering queue system.

4) Provide proper seats for customers.

5) Senior Citizens should be allowed to jump queue to settle their summons.

There's just so much the polis can think off before holding such schemes next time...well since you can't do it this time anyway..

I went back home having the last glimpse of the queue knowing full well that I made the right decision to move on instead of standing there under the rain. I guess i'll just have to settle the saman at the original full rate. This is my last attempt!


Anonymous said...

Really stupid. Something that is so easily settled can be so much a hassle. Lack the will to do anything efficient.

Janet said...

what can you say, they are jusm inefficient. Today, 29th August 2011, I went to QBM attempting to pay my traffic summons at the booth, noticed that there are no one there manning the booth. It is a completely empty inside. Talk about efficiency!