Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Gurney Drive Mud spoils everything

If there was any difference between Penang and Kuala Lumpur, it would be the road used to go to work and the things I encounter along the way.

You see, in Kuala Lumpur, whenever I go to work, all I see is a few hundred cars lining up in a traffic jam to get in time for work and DATS IT.

Everyday is pretty much the same thing, and if it helps, you would be able to see someone drive a very expensive sports car on a random occasion hopefully to make you feel more depressed about your well-being.

If it hasn't made you depressed, it would at least keep you wondering how did that guy do it and soon your thoughts would forever be channeled on monetary gains. Everything and anything you do, would somehow be related to making money.

But in Penang is different.

In Penang, whenever I go to work, I would use a road called Gurney Drive.

You'd probably wondering how different it is compared to Kuala Lumpur. The difference is, whenever i'm CRUISING down Gurney Drive for that brief moment of time before I get to work, I get to enjoy the sight of the SEA. 

I get to enjoy the sight of SUNRISE.

I get to enjoy the sight of other people jogging along the seafront keeping themselves healthy on a working day when everyone else is going to work. I also get to enjoy the sight of the Casuarina trees that gives you a calming effect.

It's this little things that makes Gurney Drive a wonderful road to use which not only clears your thoughts but reminds you that whatever you will face during the day, whether good or bad, you will always get to rely on the view from Gurney Drive to provide a calm and cooling effect to end the day.

Now the problem is, everyday I would only pass through Gurney Drive by car. I never really had a chance to walk along gurney drive, let alone seat (requires no reason).

So, just awhile ago in the early morning hours as it is a public holiday today, I decided to walk along gurney drive with a purpose of walking to a restaurant nearby for breakfast. On purpose, I parked my car far away from the restaurant along the road where no TRUE PENANGITE in their right mind would walk to the restaurant from that distance. My mission was to enjoy the BEST of what Gurney Drive can give me only to find that....

Beyond the wall of gurney drive,

it was nothing but mud and murky sea water.

My heart was thrown away. The cooling and calming impression that I had all this while is now gone. Had I brought a girl for a date along gurney drive, I wouldn't like the idea that she would have to force herself to liking the view because she would probably be thinking "Why'd the hell did you bring me to a muddy place??There's nothing nice about it. I sooooo wanna go to KL!!Pavillion top of the list!!"

p/s: I realised after searching for pictures of gurney drive mud, alot of professional pictures came out which I might as well share it with you. All almost potray one thing though.


I don't know...could be quite romantic for some compared to Kuala Lumpur.

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