Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!

In the spirit of Christmas, I think I better continue updating my blog while it's still having a good run (at least to me cuz i've been updating!). There is just so much Christmas Spirit in everyone this year. Never had it better celebrating with friends and family.

Had a good Christmas Eve Party which was hosted by Mabel which was a day earlier before the actual day for some reason. It was a steamboat party thing that involved cute looking tofu just like this (a picture i took from mabel's facebook because I did not bring my camera as usual which I must do more often now!!)

Even Desmond JUST had it TOO GOOD!! (Another picture I took from Desmond's facebook, everythings on facebook so I did not really have to bring a camera)

Now I was probably gonna end my blog here, but you're probably wondering what I got for Christmas this year. You see, as I get older, Christmas doesn't quite come together with presents anymore with most times ending with dinner and wine only. Its my fault because I generally don't expect anything during Christmas other than the quality time I get to spend with family and friends.Yes this is as true as it gets!  Generally, SANTA CLAUSE stopped coming to my house to put presents under the tree a long time back. 

It's almost the same as how my Ang Pow for Chinese New Year happens to get smaller and smaller as I get older. (If it's only me, you better TELL ME!!TEELLL ME!!!)

But this year, things are rather different. This year I received a present and got this.

A Star.

 A Star cookie cutter which is used to bake a cake. A gift that came from none other than the generous host of the Christmas Eve Party.

Now generally I don't know what to do with it yet or EVER because I don't bake cakes at all, but such a gift although it may not have cost much, I would forever remember it as my CHRISTMAS GIVE for a very long time. Means' a lot to me. So next time if you're wondering why I have this star cookie cutter in my room, you know why.

By saying all of this, I don't expect Square Cookie Cutter to come next year okay!

So, knowing what I got for Christmas this year, what did you get this year??can't be a coincidence that you got a cookie cutter would it EVER!! haha...

Anyway that's pretty much how Christmas look like for me this year. You can just tell that the year is just going to end very nicely.

With that Merry Christmas and hope things will turn out for the better next year!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Penang Famous Realtor

A few months ago after chatting with a friend at a nearby coffeeshop sipping affordable Kopi Oh instead of having World's Best Coffee at Starbucks, I realised that I had to do alot of visioning in my life and might end up drinking Kopi Oh for the rest of my life. 

Never again would I be able to seat in another Starbucks like I used to do before.

Never again would I be able to buy another blackberry but to buy another cheap Nokia phone if my present phone goes wrong as long as I am contactable.

Never again would I be able to take MAS or Singapore Airlines to fly but take budget flights from Airasia.

Never again would I be able to eat food in fancy restaurants but in coffee shops.

Never again because what I do for the next 10 to 20 years of my life determines what comes above my head.

Let me explain...

You see, a few months ago, I met up with an old classmate of mine from KDU.

She is none other than Serena. A girl who is smart, easy-going, and if there was anyone I knew who would be successful in life, it would be her. But today she is known for something else as well.

Today she's a famous realtor from Penang also known as Penang Famous Realtor who works in Henry Butcher. What she does is that she acts as an intermediary between seller and buyer of a property.

Something like a good friend of yours who would introduce you to another guy or girl and if you both find interest in each other and enter into a relationship, unlike a normal good friend, this good friend will need to be a PAID a certain amount in CASH depending how HOT the relationship is.

 Now previously(before I met her of course), I never really had a clue of how much owning a property can be on Penang Island. I also never quite understood why there are so many people in the country who are squatters.

I never quite understood why some people would have a sudden sadness in their eyes or admiration when they hear you stay at places like the Cove at Tanjung bungah, or Gurney Paragon, Alila Bungalows, or Bayu Ferengghi just to name a few.

I mean I thought I would just,

JUST buy a unit in the COVE in Penang Island after working for a few years. Settle down, Marry, Make Babies, Buy LCD TV and live happily ever after with the wonderful view outside my window of the SEA.

Not until I visited the Penang Famous Realtor's blog at
(A blog created by Serena that gives an overview of properties for sale in Penang.)

As a result,


Even the cove unit starts at RM1.8 million according to her blog.

Even if i never again do any of the things I said above earlier, a normal wage earner like me would never be able to afford a nice place like that at the moment. Serena has made me realised that I would have to start saving NOW. The economic condition in Penang of buying a property is such that the longer you wait, the price of a property goes much higher. Which means to say, you can never really afford it even when you can.

Anyway, I know my dream of JUST wanting to buy any of the property highlighted in Serena's blog is almost over. Not unlesss I found a GOLD mine or something. But until then, i'll just stay at places not highlighted in Serena's blog that don't cost millions.

I'll seat on Government Empty Land!!FREE!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Is your blog dead?

A few days ago, i was asked whether my blog was dead.

Umm....Seems like it i think...

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Can you own a property when you're young in Malaysia?

Getting married at the age of 26 in Malaysia is nothing new nowadays. (If there was anything new, it would be marrying at the age of 14 by this girl.)

Showing your deepest love for your loved one on facebook is nothing new at all.

Buying a new car at the age of 26 is nothing new.

Buying the latest new iphone 4 is nothing new.

Even owning a business is nothing new at all. (I don't mean char koay teow business ok)

 However, two days ago, a friend showed me something that was new with her.

She bought a property, A HOUSE, A NEW CONDOMINIUM UNIT somewhere around Mont Kiara in Kuala Lumpur.

A condominium unit that has a swiming pool, jacuzzi, gym, and boasting a view that can see Genting Highlands from afar and twin towers as well in another direction.

This is not some low-cost flat or studio unit. This is the REAL THING. Bang for the buck.

After working for a mere five years, she has manged to save up enough money to purchase a property that was worth at that point in time RM300 thousand dollars which today has already somehow upscaled in price which can fetch to something closer to half a million ringgit.

Which means to say, if she sold it today, she would have earned a cool cash of 200 thousand ringgit. That's the kind of money you can only get a chance of earning as quick in Genting Highlands Malaysia or Singapore for that matter.

Her condominium unit was fully furnished with air-cond, had 3 rooms, one lovely modern designed kitchen, a wet kitchen. two toilets, and a nice wooden floor. All this came out from her deep pockets that she saved over the past 5 years.

While sitting there on her lovely couch watching an LCD TV dat also came from her deep pockets, I couldn't help but realize the joy in her face of achieving something that not anybody can just do it over night.

Not even Mr Gin can do it despite himself working for the same amount of time. Despite the numerous amount of investment, working extra time, and also try to make a living through blogging, Mr Gin is unable to even own a property anytime soon. He happens to fall into the category where property prices are relatively 10 times his normal wage. Even the banks would not even in their right mind think of giving out a loan without risking Mr Gin being the next contestant of bankrupty in Malaysia.

I have met so many people who told me of their first experiences in owning their first property, and most of them spent half their life chasing for money before doing so.

What i'm trying to say is, my friend has done a brilliant job in getting her first property at such a young age where most people can only dream of. It's a start towards a brighter future. She definitely shows that you can own a property when you're young.  So if you're 26 years old, and haven't gotten a property yet, please relook at your finances. You've not done enough!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Paying Polis Saman at Queensbay Mall Penang

Last weekend, I went to Queensbay Mall Penang which happens to be the largest mall in Penang (well at least to me that is)

I went there not to see Christmas Decorations to get into the spirit of Christmas.

I wasn't there to see Fashion Shows.

I wasn't going there to seat outside of queensbay mall where coconut trees are held with stilts beside the sea and wait for the moon to shine.

And more importantly, I wasn't going there to do any shopping either, sadly when even Christmas is just around the corner.

The only difference between what normal people would do there was completely different from what I was going there for.

I WENT THERE TO PAY POLIS TRAFFIC SAMAN AGAIN! (I had to because for some reason my traffic saman does not show up on myeg website but instead comes up on JPJ. Coincidence?)

If you have read my previous post, I couldn't pay my polis saman as they had a problem with their system.

But I decided that my second attempt in trying to settle my summons at a 50% discount should be done at the MALL as i've heard they have a booth over there.

I mean how bad can it get...Its inside a mall. It should be nice and cold isn't it?

Well things did not quite turn out that way because as it turns out...

I had to queue up with 60 over people ahead of me waiting for the booth to open up at 2pm outside the mall and not inside. I was there 40 minutes early thinking I would be one of the early birds to get my traffic summons setttled the moment the counter opens but then again..that did not happen and i became an angry bird.

It was really a rainy afternoon and despite the heavy rain, people were standing equipped with their umbrellas waiting to settle their summon/s.

After waiting for half an hour after the booth was opened, I realized that the queue was getting no where that I decided to abandon all hopes of settling the saman at the discounted rate. The queue was so long because they only had one counter open despite knowing and seeing the huge response from the public to pay up their saman over the past one week.

The queue was so long that even some of them had to risk their lives whenever a car wanted to drive through to park their car inside the mall.

Anyway, I know this saman discount thing would come as a gift for christmas, but as a suggestion, I think the polis could at least make an attempt to make the transaction of settling saman's much easier to the public.

Here's some suggestions: -

1) Set up many computers and hire part time staff to receive payment of saman and issue receipts during such operation discount schemes held by the polis.

2) Set up many counters inside the shopping mall and not outside whenever you hold such operation discount schemes.

3) Have a numbering queue system.

4) Provide proper seats for customers.

5) Senior Citizens should be allowed to jump queue to settle their summons.

There's just so much the polis can think off before holding such schemes next time...well since you can't do it this time anyway..

I went back home having the last glimpse of the queue knowing full well that I made the right decision to move on instead of standing there under the rain. I guess i'll just have to settle the saman at the original full rate. This is my last attempt!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Where to Pay Polis Saman in Penang?

Two days ago, after hearing that all polis traffic saman will be given a 50% discount if you pay up between 1st December 2010 to 15th December 2010,

I decided that it was time that the saman which happened to one of our family cars needed to take up on such an opportunity.

Initially we did not know we had a saman until we wanted to renew the road tax of the car at JPJ that we were told we could only renew the road tax for only 6 months instead of 1 year until your saman has been paid off. Apparently the JPJ system is hooked up to this whole Saman system.

Now, the funny thing is, nobody knew how we got it as it happened many many months ago. If there was anything, most of us in order to defuse the whole problem, would have paid for the saman and carried on our lives at JPJ. Sadly, they do not have a system or booth to let us pay our polis saman which means that we will need to go to a police station and pay it and come back again.

The saman that we got was for speeding, thus nobody really knew who drove the car because it happened a long time back.

To cut the story short, the 50% discount offer was just too good to be true and too TIMELY, thus two days ago, I made a beeline to the police station on Jalan Dato Keramat as it happens to be the only place i know in the whole of Penang Island which lets you pay your traffic Saman.

Taking time off work, upon arriving at the polis station, I had to park my car outside the polis station because they did not have enough car park for the public to park inside. So, everyone else including myself took the chance to park along the road which was illegal which means that I would STAND A CHANCE to get a parking Saman again outside the polis station. But I guess, the polis were a little lenient and allowed everyone to do so.

Inside the polis station, thats where things were not so smooth. Penangites being Penangites, whenever there is a discount, it becomes a queue!

A queue so long that I was waiting behind at least 50 people before my turn just to pay up my saman.

It was becoming not so worth my while because alot of my time was taken up just to get this saman paid up but since I was there, I might as well wait since maybe the system was very efficient to let everyone pay their saman. I mean how hard can the paying system be. It should be as easy as the highway toll system.

But just as my turn was coming up, after spending time looking at how blue the sky was

and how many police cars they had as well as large cannons.

and how many "naughty" people they actually manage to catch during that period of time,

The system went offline!!

I mean how is this possible??I waited for nearly an hour hoping that even the glimpse of a super hot police woman would pass which will make my while, which did not even happen!

There was nothing the police could do but ask everyone to come back again the next day. I can't help but imagine how much the police actually had a lost in revenue dat evening. People actually were queuing up to pay money to them which is their hard earned cash.

Now, I would have paid off the saman online but then again, even they got the websites wrong.

Everything was just wrong at the polis station that day. Where else to pay Polis Saman??