Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Proton Inspira - Dare to call inspiration?

Not too long ago, I used to know a friend who was never really good in remembering stuff for exams, thus he was always doomed to fail because as we all know, exams are mostly about regurgitating facts that you have easily memorised in your head days and months before the day of the exam.

If there was anything, my friend never really could study hard like the other people who would score in exams. He NEEDED to do something about it or continue to be a failure and forever be unattractive to girls due to his undermined intellectual ability. So he found another approach to avoid failure.


What he would do, is write small pieces of notes and bring them inside the exam hall.

He mastered the art of copying that none of the invigilators could even catch him till today.

He would even go to the extent of writing answers onto his own body parts. Nobody even knew about it.

He even pondered with the idea of other ways of copying if he had boobs. Sadly, he did not have one.

As a result, results came out and he not only passed but came out tops in his class. Nobody really knew how he did it, but still congratulated him for his hard work.

What i'm trying to say here gentlemen,

Nobody really bothers how you did it, its the results at the end of the day that matters. Yes, there will be people who would be biased against what he did, but should he continue to be a failure had he not copied?

And this my fellow readers, is what I see in the newly launched proton inspira 2010.

Proton Inspira is a copy of the Mitsubishi Lancer and that is a FACT!!!!

This is a spyshot of the proton inspira of what you will expect real soon.

 And this is the mitsubishi lancer. See the similarities??

What they've managed to do was just like my old friend that i used to know. What proton has done is copy everything from the mitsubishi lancer and changed a few things from the rims to the steering wheel, front bumber, and probably the suspensions a little.

By changing these few things, they have managed to alter the looks of the mitsubishi lancer to make it look like their own.

And this my friends, its just damn SMART!!

When I say smart here, i'm saying it just like how my old friend did it. Instead of dooming for failure, they have managed to do what it takes to become a success and that is...


Nevermind that they would be called copy cat for the rest of their lives.

Nevermind that they would be called a bitch by girls as they are normally termed for copying.

Nevermind that they would be an unimaginative company in the next few years.

NEVERMIND!!Because at the end of the day, proton will need to do whatever it takes to become a success again just like other automotive makers in the country has done.

Lets not forget that, Myvi from perodua was also a copy based on the second generation Daihatsu Sirion/Boon and Toyota Passo

Naza forte is also a copy from ummm KIA...


All in all, this new Proton Inspira is going to cost RM79,888 and it will come with 2 years of free servicing.

So is the proton inspira fit for its name??Nope. Definitely not an inspiration since its a copy. The public would have been much happier if its called proton kuching. Pronounced correctly and it would mean "Ka-Ching", for money money money!!! Its sad to know that they even dare to call it an inspiration as it reflects how backward Malaysia is that we cannot even find a person out of 28 million people, talented enough to design a car.

All i know is, i'm going to see alot more modified Proton Inspira in the future that would look like mitsubishi evo lancers with huge exhausts that is loud enough to tear buildings down and attract young pretty college girls.

WAY to go PROTON!!!


amandaeriopapilio said...

In Malaysia, its all bout plagiarism. who cares? As long as they earn....sad case!!

Mr Gin said...

brain drain eh...yeah sad case..

SY said...

Toyota is a stake-holder in perodua...they can do whatever they want with their current platforms.
The Naza/Kia forte is not a's just rebranded for local consumption.

Proton on the other hand, has not bothered to innovate at all. And just decided to copy someone else car and call it their own again...bastards..

Ruoh Peng said...

I feel as disgusted. I wrote several blog posts about the matter, here're 2 of them

Mitsubishi-Proton 1-Night-Stand. Bastard Inspira born.

Why Inspira will become a Hot Seller

Mr Gin said...

sy: nicely said..haha..

ruoh: interesting posts you have there!