Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How to watch youtube on Blackberry Curve 8520 using Digi Line?

Ok just to get things started again.

The reason i'm posting this up is because lately i'm unable to watch youtube on my blackberry curve 8520.

And this has become quite annoying because while I'm paying for unlimited internet access per month, i'm using probably like...ummm well...whats 1% of infinity?

Well let me tell you what is 1% for this instance. The feeling of using a blackberry curve 8520 without watching youtube is like filling up fuel in a Ferrari FULL TANK and only using like 10 percent of dat. 90 percent of it is probably burnt away unknowingly. You only get that 10% of thrill. Get it!Get it!!

So, coming from that point of view, it DOES matter if my blackberry can't watch youtube.

But all that has come to an end. For the many user of blackberry curve 8520 who is connected to the internet using digi services and can't watch youtube, the following procedures which I got it from a website would be able to help you as it has helped me.

Digi Need To Enable APN (digistrm) For YouTube Streaming
This section is particular to DiGi’s BIS subscriber, for some reason (most probably for bandwidth control), DiGi need us to configure the APN to digistrm before us being to view YouTube video streaming. To do this, follow the steps below :
Menu -> Options -> Advanced Options -> TCP/IP
(TICKED) APN Settings Enabled
APN: digistrm
(TICKED) APN Authentication Enabled
Username for APN:
Password for APN
*Both Username and Password for APN Authentication are left blank*
Error Playing. An error has occurred attempting to play media.
For the first 2 weeks since getting the phone, I have not been able to watch any YouTube videos. It keeps prompting “Error Playing. An error has occurred attempting to play media”. The search for any information in google and my personal attempt to troubleshoot the problem led me to no solution. At the end of the 2 weeks I had nobody to turn to, so I gave DiGi’s support an attempt. I’m determined to solve this issue no matter what, even if it means terminating Digi. But to my surprise Digi support did manage to solve it. Kudos to DiGi!
To save the heartache of many future BlackBerry users I would like to share the solution with you. Please configure your BlackBerry browser with the below settings :
Browser settings
Menu -> Browser -> Menu -> Options :
[1] Browser Configuration
Browser: Internet Browser
(TICKED) Support JavaScript
(TICKED) Allow JavaScript popups
(TICKED) Terminate slow running scripts
(TICKED) Show Images
(TICKED) Use Background Images
(TICKED) Support Embedded Media
Browser Identification: BlackBerry
Start Page: Home Page
Default Search Provider: Google
Home Page Address: http://mobile.blackberry.com/
[2] General Properties
Default Browser: Internet Browser
(Type of Fonts here doesn’t really affect the settings)
(NOT TICKED) Full Screen View
(TICKED) Enable JavaScript Location support
Prompt Before:
(NOT TICKED) Closing Browser on Escape
(Ticked) Closing Modified Pages
(NOT TICKED) Switching to WAP for streaming media
(NOT TICKED) Running WML Scripts
If the YouTube streaming still does not work after the reconfiguration above, please try restarting it (ATL + RIGHT SHIFT + DEL).

So there you go guys!Hope it has help most of you out there. I think it does work for other blackberry models as well if you have problems watching youtube.


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Anonymous said...

thank you so much.ive been trying to watch youtube on my bb for days.

SQ said...

Bro, i'm facing the same problems wt my BB, cant access to the DIGIWAP, the link cant be change. So i run up and downs to the digi service all around the town and i was rejected and they ask me to go back to the store where i bougth it, and its in Kuching, i'm in Miri...its easy for them to say ...please advice, my Digi Internet is still charging thou i've setup to Digi Wap...please advice ...any idea? somebodyy...

Anonymous said...

Omg! Your a lifesaver! Been usin my bb for a year without knowing how to activate the stupid java thing! Thank you soooo much!

Anonymous said...

thank you thank you thank you! Ive been using my 8520 for a year now and i cudnt for the life of me figured out why my bb could not play youtube. I was even contemplating of "upgrading" to a different BB.
Thanks once again! Keep up the interesting posts..

jin said...

Hi I'm having this trouble and did everything but still appears same error message....

Anonymous said...

Worked! Can't believe it. Been trying since I got my Curve to get it to play you tube videos with incessant searching and no results. Changed my settings as stated above and now I'm watching videos of my fave bands. Thanx bunches.

Welcome To Funny Pic World said...

Very Thanks for the information......

I was trying to play the video from 1 months .......................................

At last We did it.....

Thanks again

LkMMoDC said...

i did this and my phone wont turn on anymore... thanks

BudakNadya said...

i did the same but same error message still appear=(

Anonymous said...

Nothing works with my curve.... It displays cannot find web address