Friday, March 26, 2010

Super Hokkien Mee

A few hours ago, I decided to have breakfast at a coffeeshop behind the old and famous shopping mall called Penang Plaza or more popularly known as FEEMA among the locals.

Don't get me wrong, this is NOT the kind of shopping mall that you'd like to bring your girlfriend for a date or walk aimlessly around to see things. Chances of getting yourself into PROBLEMS(I shall not state what they are but you'll figure out when you're over there) is very high.

Its the kind of shopping mall that you would just drop-by to buy groceries and get the hell out of there as soon as you're done.

Anyway, coming back to my breakfast.

I decided to go to this coffee shop simply to try the Hokkien Mee over there which has been rumored to be very good.

Famous to say the least.

So I took time off work, hoping to have a quick breakfast and at the same time achieve my dream of having this wonderful hokkien mee.

Upon arriving, you know its famous when you could hardly find a table to seat,

or find a car park slot little did I know I had to park my car a mile away, but out of curiosity and having to go out of my way to try out this hokkien mee, I did anyway.

After doing all that and successfully rushing and sealing my table away from intruders who is about to attack my table that would result in halting my progress of trying this FAMOUS Hokkien mee,


Now I can wait for alot of things in my life.

I can wait to own a new mercedes benz even if it has to take me 40 years from now to save every penny and eat ikan billis every day.

I can wait to own a sports car even when i'm old and fugly.

I can wait to enter a cinema even when someone is late and i'm already missing a part of the beggining of a movie.

I can even wait to have a girlfriend which already i mean, does not need proving.

But wait, LET ME TELL YOU what I can't wait!!


I've eaten alot of famous hawker food around the whole country, and trust me, i've never heard of someone telling me that i'd have to wait one hour or more for HAWKER FOOD.

I guess this is as far as I have gone to trying the famous SUPER HOKKIEN MEE.



Mabel Leong said...

I want to eat! We go there next time ya!

Mr Gin said...

Yes Sure!!Have to go very early in the morning. Found out that u'd got to be there before 9 if you don't want to wait too long.

Mabel Leong said...

BEFORE 9?!?AM!?! Gin ar, maybe you're not too familiar with my wake up time. Breakfast to me is at 1pm. Lunch is around 6pm and dinner is at 10pm. No supper. :)

Mr Gin said...

i guess i'm not too familiar..haha.. we'll never be able to go then for this hokkien mee..