Monday, March 08, 2010

MrGin Movie Review - The Book of Eli

Just awhile ago, I watched the Book of Eli.

I don't really make movie reviews but I cannot help but tell you by summing it all up in just one word.


Let me tell you how bad it really is since there are not many times I would just end my blog post with just one word which really...


Its so boring that if you were to take a girl out for the first time and sooo decide to watch that movie(not like anyone in their right mind would), she would be counting down the minutes so fast that whatever is left of a wonderous outing that you could possibly have planned after the movie would be cracked down like a sunken ship in South China Sea and you would gladly sink together with that ship,

knowing Full well that you have just passed the stage of no return and this

would never exist and the duration of having to keep it any longer in the head for not being able to do that ever is just too unbearable. Sinking together with the ship is unquestionable!!

So I hope I made my point very clearly.

If you do decide to watch it anyhow, don't watch it in the cinema even if the wallpapers and trailers do attract you like I did.

I suggest not even to get the DVD.

Maybe just download it or something and of course be prepared to delete it from your computer after watching it because leaving it around would simply take up too much useful hard disk space in your computer.


kenwooi said...

i watched the beginning.. found it boring.. stopped watching.. =P

Jong said...

Hahahaha...thank for the i wont fall into the same trap.

AhPau said...

i slept in the cinema halfway through...:P
tell me the ending pls? hahahah...

Mr Gin said...

Kenwooi:shud have done the same!

Jong; u better not!!lol

Ahpau: I'm gonna spoil it for everybody! the guy was blind and he memorised the entire bible. The only bible left in the world!haha