Friday, February 05, 2010

Padang at One Utama

Two nights ago I was at One-Utama not to have dinner

or go out on a pre-valentine day shopping spree

or watching a movie in the cinema

or even bowling.

I was there to play football.

Not just any football but Futsal.

You see...In Kuala Lumpur, everything is just so congested nowadays that, there are no more green fields that is left for people to kick a ball around not to say jog around simply because, most of these green fields even if they're available would have been too valuable to be just left undeveloped.

Thus, flat land the size of 3 football fields would be replaced with something like this

thus,  playing futsal at the top of a shopping mall is nothing new in KL or at least nothing new to people who live in KL.

So its not surprising why Malaysia has not been able to go to World Cup yet because most of the time, we are playing on top of shopping malls and only those who can afford can play football.

annnndddd lets face it k, those who can afford to play football aren't most of the time committed to play football as their life-long career. I mean look at how David Beckham started anyway or any other player who made it big in football.

Well, i guess times have changed, and to move with the times, we played futsal which is an indoor thing and sheltered from the sun and rain so that guys don't have to worry about getting a tan.

So we all played futsal at PADANG which is at the top of the shopping mall. Just take a lift to UR (which means upper roof i think) and you will see it straight away upon coming out.

Its located on the new block of one-utama. It looks like this...Really nice..

and before any of us could really say we played football, one hour was up.

And that's RM120.

RM 120!!

ohh that's ok, you divide among 10 people that's still cheap...What is 12 bucks anyway?What you can't afford 12 bucks? Damn CHEAP WEI!!

No. None of us were really satisfied. We needed an extra in order to really pull out everyone's real potential and skill in football and to test everyone's stamina.

We opted for a larger field which was available at that point of time (we played a smaller field in the previous hour) and played for an extra hour.

And that one hour was RM200.

RM 200!!!

Nobody really knew how much everything cost till the end of the game. Totalling everything up, everybody's face was quite shock to find that..


In other parts of the world, you can feed an entire village for a month and they will keep smiling all month loong

and still have enough to even pay dancers to entertain you all weekend!!

With that kind of money generated within two hours just to kick a ball around, some say that it could wipe out AIDS entirely throughout the whole world!


Anyhow, that's just the high cost of living in Kuala Lumpur. Like I said, its nothing wrong or new to people living in KL as going to the mall is almost like a favourite past time that comes with good exercise to keep people healthy.  But coming from Penang, I play real football in a different Padang called PADANG POLO, and its free.


I agree if football is entirely different from playing in a mall,

as compared to playing outside........

Problem is, there isn't......

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Anonymous said...

I really like your view of the world. It so makes sense to the quality and price we pay these day. Am about to book the padang for a company event and good that you have highlighted the price. Thanks