Thursday, February 25, 2010

How much I want to own a blackberry storm 9520!!!Support Support!!

Dear Readers,

I just had so little rest last night that sitting infront of the computer right now is a luxury! Anyway for those of you who don't know, I spent the whole morning writing a blog post (a huge determintation from me seriously to just BLOG!!). I just written a post to tell how much I want to own a blackberry.

So if you missed it, its one post below this or simply click here. I hope you guys can support as much as you can!


For those of you who don't know the blackberry i'm talking about looks like this and its not the kind of phone i can just buy without risking myself eating peanuts for the rest of my life. 

Hope you guys enjoyed the post! 

For those of you who also would like to try your luck like I just did, the contest ends today.

The Details can be found here.

Why I want to own a BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520 from Celcom!

For the longest time of not befalling to any form of peer pressure,

or reasons like why President of the United States Barack Obama is holding a blackberry

or why celebrities are carrying a blackberry which must be cool or else why hold one??

or why even some people love their blackberry over their girlfriends,

I just never managed to get into my head how is this blackberry any better than my trusted old phone that STILL can make phone calls, STILL can SMS, and STILL can take pictures.

I mean I have seen so many new phones come out every year pass by me, like how a pretty girl would just catch your attention and before you know it, you would just forget about her when another prettier girl passes by.

What i'm trying to say is, How is the Blackberry gonna be any different??

Well guys, all I can just say is this....

After what i've been through and knowing how much this Blackberry can do, owning my trusted and currently used phone right now would look like i'm driving a diesel car that emits poisonous gas that is dull and boring

while others are already driving Electric Cars that would continue to save the planet so that the generations and the generations after us would be able to enjoy the world we live in.

There's just so much painn right now...

PAINNNN!!! that every second of owning and looking at my phone right now feels like owning a gameboy that can only pay tetris

when everyone else is onto something like PSP that you can control Ronaldo kicking a football?


Not just any Blackberry

But a Blackberry Storm 9520 which is up for grabs from Celcom.  

Now i've not owned a Blackberry Storm 9520 to fully tell you what this phone can do, I mean if i did than I wouldn't have blogged about wanting to own one would i??lol..

Let me start with some photos that I found on the internet (the best I can do right now) that would blow my currently used phone away to a nearby monsoon drain where it will sink slowly like King Arthurs sword.

Picture 1 - Are you Kidding me??

Picture 2- Are you Serious???

Picture 3- That's just CRAZY!!!

I thought these are the kind of things you only see on movies that don't exist!!No keyboard, just touch-screen!!THAT'S MADNESS!!

Then of course there are the other things that I learnt about the blackberry along the way like...

When we go to Starbucks, my friend would seem like HE IS forever chatting with someone on the phone leaving me to look like I have not made friends in my entire life.

It won't be long when social pressure would soon sink-in that I would whip out my phone (since we're not talking anyway),

and I would psychologically wonder, hmmm what can my phone can do? Oh Right..SMS!!!

The blackberry gets him connected to MSN messenger, Blackberry Messenger, and all other types of messenger that keeps him occupied with his phone. And with a Celcom XPAX Prepaid line,

He is connected all the time at the cheapest rate offered in town!!

Then there are times when we're stuck in a traffic-jam where the blackberry would come in handy to occupy the time. Facebook surfing during traffic jams with blackberry is a favourite traffic-jam getaway in the car. Aww just love this thing. I suppose if i was in a traffic-jam I would be occupied with the JAM???

Even going to toilet has become more entertaining. You can play music, enjoy a good chat, and surf the net. All while u're doing your private business at the comfort of your toilet seat or having a nice long foam bath. You're just always connected no matter what!!!

Now here's an important point that I really want a blackberry soo much which is this..

The way how people with the blackberry make you feel like they belong from a different planet, something which I find it REALLY cool. They use codes that look like this to add one another.

Codes that look like alien language that apprently identifies your device or in actual fact, the person!!!One just has to display their code on the phone just like this while the other scans the picture. It just feels sooo strongly communicated. Like a MARK of FRIENDSHIP!!

And then there's also the unlimited amount of messaging that can be done through the load of messenger applications. With my current phone, I am left without a choice but to SMS. Everyone who wants to contact me will cost money. Everyone whom I want to contact, will cost money. Let me put it this way, at the moment while everyone is communicating free with one another through their Blackberrys, communicating with Mr. Gin will cost you money. How's that for a very friendly approach!!

SO, I hope after hearing all that I've gone through.............



There's just so many benefits of having a blackberry Storm 9520 that saying it in words alone will simply not end.

But if I had the Blackberry Storm 9520 maybe I could twitter about it at a later time with the 7.2mbps storming internet speeds that i've read about or show pictures on facebook with my 3.4mega pixel camera and 32gb space and..........................................................................................

I REALLY WANT TO OWN A BLACKBERRY STORM 9520!!!! and hope the Storm will come by my way that will change the way how I do things and experience a whole new world. I am definitely sure why Celcom would be the best Storm-tastic place to get a BlackBerry® Storm 9520 because they are Malaysia's Telco brand of the year

and let's face it..

Who was giving fantastic Deals, with 50% off on the phone on 5th February 2010??? CELCOM!!!

Who is giving a Sale from January to March so that everyone can own a Blackberry??CELCOM!!!

Besides who is giving TWO (2) Celcom BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520 GENEROUSLY AWAY to blog and win a chance of a lifetime of owning one?????CELCOM!!

p/s: Thank you for reading!!I hope i'm not too late to own one. I know i'm too close to the storming deadline but I hope u'll take the time to read my post. Hope you enjoy reading it!!

Friday, February 05, 2010

Padang at One Utama

Two nights ago I was at One-Utama not to have dinner

or go out on a pre-valentine day shopping spree

or watching a movie in the cinema

or even bowling.

I was there to play football.

Not just any football but Futsal.

You see...In Kuala Lumpur, everything is just so congested nowadays that, there are no more green fields that is left for people to kick a ball around not to say jog around simply because, most of these green fields even if they're available would have been too valuable to be just left undeveloped.

Thus, flat land the size of 3 football fields would be replaced with something like this

thus,  playing futsal at the top of a shopping mall is nothing new in KL or at least nothing new to people who live in KL.

So its not surprising why Malaysia has not been able to go to World Cup yet because most of the time, we are playing on top of shopping malls and only those who can afford can play football.

annnndddd lets face it k, those who can afford to play football aren't most of the time committed to play football as their life-long career. I mean look at how David Beckham started anyway or any other player who made it big in football.

Well, i guess times have changed, and to move with the times, we played futsal which is an indoor thing and sheltered from the sun and rain so that guys don't have to worry about getting a tan.

So we all played futsal at PADANG which is at the top of the shopping mall. Just take a lift to UR (which means upper roof i think) and you will see it straight away upon coming out.

Its located on the new block of one-utama. It looks like this...Really nice..

and before any of us could really say we played football, one hour was up.

And that's RM120.

RM 120!!

ohh that's ok, you divide among 10 people that's still cheap...What is 12 bucks anyway?What you can't afford 12 bucks? Damn CHEAP WEI!!

No. None of us were really satisfied. We needed an extra in order to really pull out everyone's real potential and skill in football and to test everyone's stamina.

We opted for a larger field which was available at that point of time (we played a smaller field in the previous hour) and played for an extra hour.

And that one hour was RM200.

RM 200!!!

Nobody really knew how much everything cost till the end of the game. Totalling everything up, everybody's face was quite shock to find that..


In other parts of the world, you can feed an entire village for a month and they will keep smiling all month loong

and still have enough to even pay dancers to entertain you all weekend!!

With that kind of money generated within two hours just to kick a ball around, some say that it could wipe out AIDS entirely throughout the whole world!


Anyhow, that's just the high cost of living in Kuala Lumpur. Like I said, its nothing wrong or new to people living in KL as going to the mall is almost like a favourite past time that comes with good exercise to keep people healthy.  But coming from Penang, I play real football in a different Padang called PADANG POLO, and its free.


I agree if football is entirely different from playing in a mall,

as compared to playing outside........

Problem is, there isn't......

Monday, February 01, 2010

Watching Avatar in 3D

Ok guys, this is not a review, I just decided to write about it since i've got so much time in my hands and gotta get into the act of blogging again. Might as well tell you about something I just did recently.

Last Weekend, I paid RM18.50 for a ticket at GSC One-Utama to watch Avatar with Soon Yang and Daphne.

 As I've never paid so much for a movie ticket in my entire life, it better be good.

Not just good. LIKE DAMN GOOD!!

Its not surprising to me that I went ahead to watch the movie at such a price because I mean, a movie does not just gross US1 Billion without actually being good. I mean DAMN GOOD!!

Some say that you should watch Avatar in 2D first then go to 3D, but then, I mean seriously if i really wanted to watch it in 2D, there's always the DVD to depend on. I know in my heart that i'll never get another opportunity to watch it in 3D. My TV can't do 3D so...I watched it...Its a 2 and half hour movie..Enjoyed every bit of it..

Also another point to add is that I've always had the misconception of watching 3d behind a glass with blue and red film just like this..

But what you actually get is like something that looks like real glasses.

The only problem of watching it in 3d is that if you are already wearing glasses like I do (not for 3d purposes of course), it may be a bit difficult to wear another glass (3d glass) on top of it (nuff said!) which is annoying I suppose.

All I can say is..

Its really good!!A good mixture of romance, action, and science.You know its a good movie when you do not want to get out of the movie to take a piss or waiting for the movie to end and hoping for more...I think you get what I mean...So for all you dvd goers out there, Trust me, if you're reading this, watch in in the cinema..Its worthwhile..

Here's a glimpse of it...

Happy New Year!

If there was any day where I can update my blog,

today is THAT DAY!!

Because today, we celebrate Federal Territory Day!! Here's how this day works. If you're working in KL that is your office is literally in KL as long as your address does state 'Kuala Lumpur', you get that DAY OFF!!

But if you're office address says something else like 'Selangor', than sorry pal, just forget about this day altogether.

Anyway, here's my latest update since the start of the year and i'm gonna talk about what I did on New Years Eve.

I told myself that i'm gonna do this post today and I'm GONNA DO IT!!I know its been a month back but helll..i'm still gonna do it!!

This year I started the New Year again with some of my closest friends back in Penang. Every year, we would celebrate New Years at home because of the idea that celebrating up at happening spots like Upper Penang Road or Esplanade or some formal events would always turnout to be horrendous and at the end never turning out to be fun.

Some say that one of the problems would be finding a car park and even if you do find one, it would be so crazily overpriced that it would create an upset in your tummy not to say, a hole in your pocket to begin with.

Some also say that even if you do find yourself in a nightclub, it would be so packed with people that is nothing different to squeezing yourself in say a box to be shipped into another country. It would give you a taste of how exotic animals are illegally transported to another country.

Some also say that even drinks would be over priced on that day and when I mean over priced I don't mean like by a few cents or something but probably by the double figures. Its like buying a proton at the price of a Bentley or so to speak..

Some also say that with all the crazy revellers around, you would never know whether your car is safe enough to defend itself when its been targeted for extra decorations by these revellers.

Anyway, a few of us decided that celebrating at home has always been a better way to welcome the New Year.

Here are some pictures.

 Picture with the guys...At the heat of the moment hearing the "1 Malaysia Song", we all were taking pictures so fast that Tiam did not even have a chance to swap his cake for a glass of champagne to take pictures with.

Picture of the girls that came...

This is Dr. Yong Lin! She Saves Lives in General Hospital! She works sometimes for 48 hours straight. Makes me rethink how hard i'm working when I use to complain that I only get like 6 hours of sleep a day.

Last but not least, if there was anyone you guys should thank, it would be Tiam! He kind of pushed me to hold a party, so...yeah..THIS ONE IS FOR YOU!!!HAHA...Hope you enjoyed it...

I guess thats all I have to share in pictures. Thank you guys for coming!Its always been great to have you guys around to celebrate with. Would like to take this opportunity to wish you all on my blog and all my dear existing readers,


Can't wait to see how we gonna do it in 2010? I hope to be updating this blog more often..wait a minute...