Friday, September 04, 2009

10,000 Visits!!

Today is a proud moment for me. A PROUD MOMENT!! has has finally reached 10,000 visits


that's right...TEN THOUSAND VISITS!!

since February this year.

May not be much since probably half of that amount probably came from me with my own self-obsession to read my own crap.

May not be much compared to the likes of popular bloggers who'd probably get that kind of figure per day.

May not even be enough to mix around with the popular bloggers due to the variance in class.

Its probably not even enough to earn through blogging to buy my desired CLS 55 AMG.

So why do i continue to blog?


Thank you guys for visiting!Appreciate it alot!I hope you guys will continue to stay tuned to the latest updates of this blog though it may not be much too.


Urbantechnick said...

Lol, me to always reading my own crap in a blog. However, you can add a more specific stats that will show you how many unique visitors that have been visiting your site.

goingkookies said...

OMG!! That's good ok!!

That means you get about 1,000 plus visitors a month!!

Definitely will be checking your blog more frequently in future!


Jason said...


IT Blood | Blogging for Money

~dolly~ said...

dropping by from innit..
love your confident! hahahaha..
keep blogging..
bloggin is not for fame but to record down everything, so u still can re-read back what happened to you few years later/boo
or share some thought with ppl../boo boo..

Keefe ツ said...

Haha! I thought in one day, that'll make you amongst the top already! Anyway, grats!!! :3

Mr Gin said...

Thanks everyone!!Appreciate the thoughts alot!!

Vince Yeoh said...


Dann said...

Wow, seriously Gin, you should thanks Anonymous too. Without Anonymous, you would need a couple of days more to reach 10k. Not bad for a spammer... ^^