Friday, September 25, 2009

Posts Delayed

Hey guys,

Sorry for the poor updates. Will be updating soon....


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Roger Federer Nike Ad

This is so hilarious!!

Friday, September 04, 2009

10,000 Visits!!

Today is a proud moment for me. A PROUD MOMENT!! has has finally reached 10,000 visits


that's right...TEN THOUSAND VISITS!!

since February this year.

May not be much since probably half of that amount probably came from me with my own self-obsession to read my own crap.

May not be much compared to the likes of popular bloggers who'd probably get that kind of figure per day.

May not even be enough to mix around with the popular bloggers due to the variance in class.

Its probably not even enough to earn through blogging to buy my desired CLS 55 AMG.

So why do i continue to blog?


Thank you guys for visiting!Appreciate it alot!I hope you guys will continue to stay tuned to the latest updates of this blog though it may not be much too.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Recycle Broken Badminton Racquet

A few days ago, after much ego of becoming the next Chong Wei of the country, things went wrong in the badminton court.

My badminton racquet broke.

Not only did it just break, it broke into two just like this.

Maybe it was the powerful smash.

Maybe it was the tightness of the string.

Maybe it was the pink color of the racquet thats filled with it that made the racquet too hot for the "pinky" who used my racquet.

Whatever it is, the racquet is now broken after being bought for only one week.

Not to say, with the racquet broken, the ego of being the next badminton champion of the country went along with it.

The shop that provided a year long warranty for the racquet only covered accidents that, let me put it this way, were not Man-Made.

With all their experience, they concluded that mine was man-made. (Not to argue of course)

So, what had become of this expensive racquet no longer has value.'s the interesting part.

Before you start to throw away your racquet into the bin to keep the environment cleaner,

I mean you ain't going to keep a broken racquet for your future generations to use right?


Don't worry i'm just as surprised as you are!!What I'm Talking about??

Apparently I was told that some shop around Komtar will accept your broken racquet for as much as RM60.


Trade in of-course for a new racquet. Does not matter what brand it is, as long as it looks like a badminton racquet or umm close to it. (Don't bring tennis racquet la)

So there you go guys, don't throw away your broken racquet yet, its still worth at least RM60!! Keep your ego intact, keep playing badminton, and continue your journey to be the next Chong Wei for the country. Will update to you whether this is true, but hold on to your broken racquets.