Sunday, August 30, 2009

Satu Bangsa, Satu Suara, Satu Malaysia Song

Dear Readers,



oh's the video...


Here's another song.

It's all about confidence

Last Night, I drove back home taking the route where a Police Road Block would normally be set-up to catch people who break the common law of driving.


A well known route that must never be taken . The kind of route that there is no turning back and would only lead to trouble. Anything more than a few glasses of "The Juice" would leave you either a few Ringgit Shorter or simply provided a new home to stay for the night. Nothing to fancy of course.

And I shall say this, for the route that shall not be named but i'm not afraid to say it at all.


It is of the clever tactics of the police in Penang that the Road block would be set-up not too far away from Upper Penang Road every weekend where people would at least be drinking "The Juice".

Anyway, last night I decided to take Larut Road back when I know at the back of my friends head that I was simply out of my mind.

There are not many times I would go through a Police Road Block confidently after spending time at Upper Penang Road, to tell the Policeman that I was not drinking after a night session at a Night Club.

It is of no surprise that a police would stop my car after seeing a striped long sleeve shirt guy driving the car which definitely gave away my innocent looks of abiding the common law which doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what I would probably be doing dressed like that coming from that direction.

So he asked me whether I was drinking beer after having a deep stare at my eyes and of course awaiting a reply to check on the clarity of my voice which would give away the sanity and stableness of my mind.

I answered...Tak Ada.

The policeman smiled and said.

Thank you.

He paved the way for me to carry on my journey back home.

So there you go guys, it does not matter what route you take. Just don't try to break the law. Road Blocks are there for your safety for everyone. If you are going to drink, always have a designated driver to take you back home safely. The world will be a better place. You'd live another day to enjoy another good night.

But I shall say this though, WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING??

Monday, August 10, 2009

Latest Updates

Ok guys, here's the wrap-up for the entire 4 weeks.

1) Bought a new GPS.

That's right guys. My 20 year old car now has SAT-NAV and it really looks good.

I bought the Garmin 255W for RM929 after years of comparing prices which never ends. Was being shown other brands like Papago. Simply unmatchable. Anyway can't live with the fact that I bought it here in KL when i've always been told that Singapore offers it much cheaper. So, guys...If you do find a cheaper one, let me know, and i'll go and bang my head on the wall.

2) Went to a place called Neroteca with Tiam and his Girlfriend.

A very exlusive dining place in KL that serves Italian Food. After seeing thousands of wine bottles that stacked up from the bottom floor to the sky, thought it was going to burn my pocket since I had to give my friend a treat but ended up not too bad. Lesson to learn....DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING SPECIAL THAT IS OFFERED TO YOU BY WORD OF MOUTH FROM A WAITRESS.

3) Receives Anonymous Comments

Judging from my last post, I feel that there is someone out there...wait..some chinese fellar commenting on my blog so much that I have decided to leave it alone instead of deleting it. Such an energetic fellar. Hey man I have no idea what all that is about??Still..thanks for the comments.

4) Met up with Michelle and Benjamin at a place called BoatHouse at TTDI in Kuala Lumpur.

A very nice romantic place. The owner's son took the opportunity to introduce to me the menu which had so many varieties of food that gosh, a simple man like me would find it difficult to choose and would just settle for something called Fried Rice. The place was pretty exclusive and he said I should bring a date here. She would be pretty impressed. So, you know..if I do bring a girl out here..I mean BUSINESS!!

5) Went to see lots of Honda Car's at One-Utama.

Felt that today's cars is really made out of plastic. Everything is so PLASTIC!!!

6) Got a new dog

Every now and then in the hills of Balik Pulau, we would happen to bump into some helpless dog. We know if we left it, the dog would just die a slow death. So, we brought it back. Gave it a brand new life. The dog is now served..SERVED with good food everyday now. No more hunting and scavenging for the dog. The dog is A mixed breed of Rhodesian Ridgeback and oh well a normal common Mongreal. Will take more pictures the next time.

7) iPhone.

Tiam really did a great job showing me how great the iphone really is. I really want one. Makes my phone a few hundred years old behind time. Checked it online, why is it that Steve Jobs says the phone is selling for US199 when back here is like a few thousand dollars..WHAT HAPPENED??

8) Man's Chest or Female Breast

You Figure that out!!I really don't want to know. Apparently my friend showed me this blog and he was comparing...hmm...There was some truth...

Ok guys that's all I can share with you for now, as for the others, I will share with you in a longer post.