Saturday, July 04, 2009

Consequences of not wearing a Mask at the Airport

Just awhile ago, I was at KLIA(Kuala Lumpur International Airport).

A US3.5 Billion dollar dollar airport which ranks as the 13th busiest airport in the world by international passenger traffic.

Its a BIGGGGG AIRPORT!! with lots and lots of people that comes from all over the world. There is so many people that if one were to fart, it wouldn't miss a number of passengers from having a go at the smell.

And for those who really luv to fart, it wouldn't be unsual if you were to see a sign like this one day in the airport.

So, in any case, if there was anything transmissable in the air that would affect you or kill you, the best thing to do would be to avoid the airport.

Not a Fart of course. It may demoralizing you at most, but not kill you.

Anyway, while I was waiting at the arrival hall, I happen to notice something different with people coming from all over the world.

They were wearing masks!!

Even this two girls came properly suited from top to toe to ensure that the air would not even come close to touching them. If they had a chance to bring oxygen masks, I'm sure they would!!

Nearly every freaking tourist that came to Malaysia, decided that breathing the air of Malaysia wasn't a very good thing.

At first I thought it couldn't be the fart problem in airports right?It couldn't be!!

nor could it be the terrible haze that we have been experiencing lately.

Then it occurred to me,



Well, dear readers, I guess if you don't hear from me in a near future, I got affected by the virus. There is a slight chance it could be nothing since, there are more affected people then people actually dying from it. Its not like you get it then you die.


If you are reading this part down here, I'll probably won't be around to tell you who i've been mixing when I first got hit. Here's a list of people you SHOULD quarantine.

1) People who partied at Zouk on 4th July 2009 because i was there. Sorry guys...

2) And the other hundred few malaysians who were there with me who did not bother to wear a mask as well. Those have to be quarantined as well.

As for others, LEAVE THEM ALONE!!


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