Thursday, June 11, 2009

A smart place to Beg, What a smart Begger!

Sometimes I wonder whether the begging business in Penang has been affected ever since the recession.

Begging business in Penang is one of the most difficult business to do in the world simply because

No matter how ugly you look,

No matter how cacat you have become,

No matter how close you try to look like the hunchback of notre dame,

No matter how some of your limbs got chopped off (no idea why?),

Despite all the hardwork to survive in such a trivial business, Penang people will not sympathize at all!!

You will not even get a cent for begging over here. It's not because Penang people are a bunch of Kiam Siap people. Those tricks just does not work on us anymore.

Even if you are still able to beg with one hand, people in Penang feels that you are gifted enough to use that hand to work. We will not give money to undeserving lazy people.

Even the merit of donating to beggers that will improve our Karma points will not change our mind of giving money to beggers.

For those of you who don't know what Karma is, it is the total effect of a person's actions and conduct during the successive phases of the person's existence, regarded as determining the person's destiny.

In short, the begging business has to move with the times. Reinvent itself. People are getting more educated and thus beggers have to find new ways to source their income.

Sometimes I feel its the place that they're doing it which is wrong. They're always doing it at the coffee-shops disturbing and disgusting people while they're eating.

Anyway, last weekend, for the first time, I happen to see a reason why the begging business is moving in a new direction and that they will survive during this trying times.

You see..Last Friday while I was having an over-priced beer with Monica and Han Hong

at SOI 11 which has a fantastic view that oversees the entrance of MOIS,

we saw a begger.


While our intentions are very clear why we we were sitting at SOI 11 other than to have a chat,

the begger also had similar intentions as well.

When his not looking at the left

His eyes are looking at the right.

When his eyes are not looking at the right, his looking at the center.

And when there is nothing else (you should know what by now) to see, the begger starts working.

Now I don't know about you, while the rest of us were losing money buying over-priced drinks in SOI 11, the begger was earning money!!

The begger went from table to table and people were simply donating money.

Even the table infront of us that opened a bottle of wine that had the same intentions as everybody else who were sitted there, even donated to the begger.

We were all stunned, why are all this people donating money to this half-cacat begger which is not even a 5-star cacatness job.

Then it came to our turn.

Somehow, unluckily, the begger's hand was pointing at me almost like as if i'm suppose to be giving him money from this table.

For awhile then, I was not going to sympathise and give any form of charitable money to this begger. I am a PENANG person. I will not sympathise with those who can still work.

While the begger was standing there, I began to realise that everybody sitted around us, started looking at our table. The kind of look that says, Kiam Siap Bugger who buys over-priced beer but can't even help the half cacat begger.

The pressure was building. It almost came to a point where it was making Monica look really bad. I mean why is this girl hanging out with this bunch of losers. The time has come to find out the true colors whether he is really well-off or just showing that he could just pay for over-priced beer.

Alright, so the begger did his homework. Societal pressure was upon us. Monica was also giving us a look of wondering how far I would actually go.

For his homework, I guess he deserves a bit of money to survive the recession. At first, I was going to reach out to some left-over coins in my pocket, then it hit upon me of something I read in Desmond's blog about the 10 things I should never do in front of a girl. Now I don't know about him, but I only think of things I can do infront of a girl like being generous.


To safe Monica's grace, I took out 10 bucks and gave the BEGGER. It's like opening champagne in the club while other people are only opening a bottle of whisky.

So with 10 ringgit, society pressure was finally over. People felt I was a rich bugger. People felt Monica was mixing with the right people. Monica had a longer smile the entire night. My Karma improved as well. I am a good hearted person. My future looks good. My lovelife looks good. Everything looks good. It looks like a win-win situation.

Actually, realistically, I felt I was dumb and all I can think of the entire night is what a smart place to beg at a nightclub where people are known to flash money around to gain attention, what a smart begger!

I bet somewhere out there, he is filling up petrol in his mercedes benz. Apparently, I heard that the begger has been begging over there for awhile. If you ask me, I think the begging business is recession proof , now that they've targeted the right place.


Dann said...

Wow. 10 bucks? You're being far too generous my friend. You'll definitely be my target if i were to beg for money one day. *touchwood*

But seriously, im also the type of person that wont donate to the beggers. With hands and legs, they could still work and earn a living, instead of encouraging them to continue with their current lifestyle.

If i were you, i guess i wouldnt even donate a single penny. Cause its better go be myself, rather than to mask. But still, who knows, things might happen differently when im in the actual scenario. LOL.

H e n r i c k said...

Haha.. I can imagine the scene when everyone is looking at you., got pressurized and luckily you didn't be too generous enough to donate RM100. :P

Sean Lon said...

lol. social pressure. smart fellow.
dilemma: own value vs others perception
RM10 alot la.
nice post!!!

Vince Yeoh said...

Smart begger, I believe he managed to earn more than RM100 a night, 'smart' guy...

Mr Gin said...

dann: you'll definitely get more than 10 my friend!haha..

henrick: i don't think i am that generous!lol..

sean: thanx man

vince: what a smart bugger!