Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Mama's Nyonya Cuisine Restaurant

Sometimes the reason why I don't blog about what I eat is simply because I eat to live. Its simply because there is nothing really fancy to show what I eat everyday.

If its not Char Koay Teow for lunch

Then its Wan Tan Mee

And when its not wan tan mee, its hokien mee

and when its not hokkien mee, its mee sotong.

and when there are certain times I feel that there should be more to life and decide to change my lifestyle by living to eat,

I WOULD AT MOST go to a restaurant such as Mcdonalds which I do not need to explain further why I go there.

Even the drinks I take everyday is not fancy enough for me to blog about.

If its not Barli Peng,

its teh peng,

and when its not teh peng, its tsui kam peng (lime juice),

and when there are certain times, I feel there is a need to change my lifestyle by living a healthier life by not consuming sweet drinks,

I don't order any drinks at all, only to be fined by the coffeeshop for RM0.30 which comes with a cup of plain hot water. Not joking seriously!

In my part of the world, if hot water comes at RM0.30, you DRINK IT DOWN SLOWLY, almost like you're drinking champagne or white wine for that matter.

Sometimes, I wonder what I would do if I were to have a girlfriend and she desires for food that looked like this every day.

Yes I may have to change my lifestyle to suit her's. Maybe i'll be able to blog about my food more often as well.

But I also know for a fact that, I would have to depend on biscuits for the rest of my life when she's not around.

Not just any biscuits.

But Jacobs that comes in rectangular form that comes in the few hundreds in a tin just like this,

that would allow me to survive for a couple or more months.

Thankfully, that has not happened yet, so instead of waiting for something like that to happen, a few days ago, I decided to pamper myself by having something nice to eat.

Here's something different from my usual average meals that I would love to share with you which you must understand by now how happy I am to do so.

I went to a place called Mama's.

A nyonya cuisine restaurant.

Its located at Abu Siti Lane in Penang which is a distance from where I'm standing to the time you enter the road.

Its a place where from the looks of it, Jimmy Choo has dined before.

Its a place where Nicole David goes to have her nyonya food as well. That would be me pointing her picture which was also autographed as well.

Basically its a place where celebrity goes.

If you come here, and they do not ask for your autograph or take a picture with you, YOU KNOW YOU'RE NOT FAMOUS!

At most times, I would quickly run off and have Nasi Lemak down the road, but wanting to know what celebrities find soo good about the food here, I decided to carry on further.

So when the food arrived, I decided to take some shots, MANY SHOTS, almost accidentally stepping the toes of the shop keepers that looked like I was taking shots so I could make replica's of the famous food back in Sow Tow Lane and sell it much cheaper. Good and cheap which goes very well with Penangites.

Anyway, coming back to the food.

This is Nyonya Chicken Curry.

This is umm Nyonya Fried Chicken.

Sometimes, I don't know how many chickens had to sacrifice themselves to satisfy my happy stomach.

This is Brinjal Nyonya Style

This is umm something Nyonya style.

This is Nyonya soup with fine cut pig intestines. Taste good actually.

And there was also the Nyonya Bubur Cha Cha for desert as well.

Now, it may not look like alot since eating at restaurants is not really my forte, but while I was enjoying the interior of the shop

which really had a nyonya feeling to it with nyonya clothes hanged all over the wall, the bill finally came.

For all that, it cost me RM180 bucks. 180 BUCKS!!I mean that's gotta be one hell of a chicken we just ate!!!

Anyway, I would say the food is quite good, satisfied really, actually FANTASTIC!!Better than what i've been eating everyday, but as for the price,

It may not sound like a lot to alot of rich people, but like I said, as for us from this part of the world, I guess nyonya food will always remain and be at most, a packet of Nasi Lemak.


SY said...

Ehh where'd u get that mee sotong from?? Looks good weih..never taken before..haha

Mr Gin said...

haha its in penang man!Next time you're back we'll have mee sotong for lunch!its near my office there.

Ahiruhachi said...

The black soy sauce with egg thingy is called Tau Yu Bak, btw, for 180, how many pax were eating?

Mr Gin said...

ohh okok...there were like around 4 of us i think..

Anonymous said...

I lived with the family running Mamas for 6 months as a part of my anthropological fieldwork on the chinese community in Penang , 2007. I can confirm that everything you say about the food i true. I miss it every day and will probably never taste anything like it again!