Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Civil Defense catches monitor lizard

After what Bomba did to my snake the last time, I decided to call the Civil Defense.

After what they did to the snake, they do not deserve another animal to catch from me. Stick to "Killing" fire which you do best!

Because this time around, I got something else. A monitor Lizard.

Not just any monitor lizard, but a water monitor lizard. Apparently, the mouth has all kinds of bacteria that if you get bitten, things will just get really bad. When I say bad, I mean really really bad. (I don't know never got bitten before)

Well, it got stuck after climbing up the wall of my house and found out that there is no more rocky mountain for it to grip for it to go further and find it really difficult to get back down without risking its life altogether.

Now at first, I was actually going to do a Bear Gryll's on this one but because its so much easier to test out the civil defense this time, I decided to call them instead.

So, I dialed 999, and before you know it, they arrived infront of my house in a nice white jeep. Its funny, how in such a short span of time I get visited by all this emergency rescue fellars. Quite happening come to think of it.

4 well trained civil defense officers came well-dressed to catch one hopeless monitor lizard.

When in real actual Malaysian fact, only one person does the job while others watch.

The others would at most pretend to work a bit like move flower pots. I meant A flower pot.

So, they have the same tool, and as usual, loop it around the head and soon, the lizard is flying in the air,

and was brought down to ground.

Now, I figured, the civil defense was going to be as cruel as the Bomba by smashing the head of the lizard like the last time,

but they didn't.

The lizard is put inside a cage that they came prepared with in the jeep.

The guy needed a smoke after such a hard day's job.

Lizard was very aggressive.

So, they needed to cool it down with water.

The lizard actually cools down after being splashed by water.

They put it inside the jeep and soon, they were on their way.

Anyway, what we can see here, the civil defense do a better job in capturing wild animals. They don't kill the animal right infront of you!

They're civilised remember. People regarded as civil, works in civil defense. How can you not act civil infront of civilians.

All I know is, somewhere back at the base, they will probably have a big feast out of that delicious lizard with barbeque sauce to go with it. World is unfair isn't it!


H e n r i c k said...

Haha.. I have too much of this kind of monitor lizards crawling across my house's porch. I don't need a civildefence to help me deal with it, my dog does the job before I could call them.. lol

Anyway, it isn't big as compared to what I seen previously, I seen the one tripled size than the one you posted. :P

Dann said...

And i thought the lizard is going to have the same fate as the cobra. Who knows... maybe barbeque later?

Mr Gin said...

henrick:ok the next time i see one of this lizards i'll call u instead..haha..

dann: maybe man...maybe..lol..

thomas said...

you are sick killing poor reptiles what did it do to you its not a komodo komodos bites can kill the monitor is ok simply pick it up take it to a safe place voila you saved it but now its dead you fucking faggot