Thursday, May 14, 2009

Winner of Malaysian Dream Girl Season 2

Ok, i'm just going to predict who's the winner for tomorrow's grand finale which is happening at the Curve at 7pm. Where's the fun if we online-tv viewer's are not given the thinnest thrill of at least doing that!

So for the winner I choose for tomorrow, as long as she doesn't do something like this in the last minute,

I feel she has by far greater chances of winning compared to the other two girls.

The reason I'm going to predict this time around is because I could always remember my friend showing me the finalists of MDG Season 1 in his phone and wanted me to choose who would win, which eventually the one I chose became the winner.

Fluke or it goes...

The winner of Malaysian Dream Girl Season 2 will be Juanita.

Tomorrow you let me know whether my taste good ok?


Baby said...

i would want either dawn to win

Mr Gin said...

oh well..we will see..

AhPau said...

sigh, i just watched the finale and you were absolutely right! much to my dismay =(

Mr Gin said...

hahaha....guess i was lucky...whom do you think should have won?