Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Sikit-Sikit Lama-Lama Jadi Bukit

Lately, I've been given the show of hand on how slow my progress of my journey to being rich enough.

Recently, my friend showed me he has a new Tag Heuer Watch that does not look cheap at all.

Another friend told me he was looking to buy a BMW 335 in the US.

Another friend of mine need not have to work and takes a girl/s to nice expensive places. The kind of girl where most workers like us could only dream of going out with.

Another friend of mine was looking for an apartment I mean condominium to buy and live with his newly wed wife. His my age.

Five out of six friends has the latest Iphone.

I also happen to know this guy recently who is married at 21 years old with a very very beautiful wife, and drives a bentley and many other sports car that workers like us could only dream of.

I was also told of this guy who clubs in Zouk that opens not just one bottle of champagne but BOTTLES OF MOET& CHANDON CHAMPAGNE everytime he goes clubbing.

If I was going to reach the level of success that they are obtaining now, I needed to do something now knowing full well that by the time I reached there, they would be talking a whole different level like buying an Island in Dubai or something.

So without wasting anymore time, last year with the motto of "Sikit-Sikit Lama-Lama Jadi Bukit", I decided to save money by using this wedding gift that I got not too long ago.

I would fill it up with whatever coins I have in my pocket everyday and fill it inside this cup just like this

and then empty it when its almost full to a bag just like this.

And today, I could proudly say that, I've saved so much money that I could have never imagined.

I've always known that the secret to what they've been able to do was through saving. The more I save, the more I feel like i'm always one step closer to owning the Mercedes SL55 I've always wanted.

So there you go guys, if you want to be like them one day or like me in the future, there is nothing more to it then to start your very own Sikit-Sikit Lama-Lama Jadi Bukit.

Hmmmm...Something tells me i'm going to need more wedding gifts...

Melissa's Wedding Gift


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