Monday, May 25, 2009

Painful but not that painful

Today, I witness what I call its ok if my car got knocked. When I say knock, I mean dent because most cars would try to avoid knocking my car because it's just not worth it.

Just awhile ago, I saw my car which was parked along side the road nicely scraped by a brand new black honda accord because the driver turned too early only to find its entire door scraped by my bumper.

In normal circumstances, the driver would come down and check the damage of their car as well as the damage done to my car and I would have come running after the driver to get things sorted out in an unmannerly way like an uneducated person from Jelutong.

But it happens that the driver just drove off knowing that he just knocked an old piece of trash and it wouldn't make any difference to my car. Anyhow, I didn't feel the damage reflected was alot which I will be able to cover up by buying a tin of black spray.

Mr Gin's Project 365, Day 146, 25th May 2009

A few hours later, I happen to find that the front of my car had a bump just like this.

Now I don't know, what to say. I feel pain that all this is happening to my car in such a short time today, but not the kind of pain had this dent happen to be on a new car say Ferrari or something.

It's like having a pimple on the face that you'd feel irritated for awhile but forgotten in a short time.

Sigh, now I also got to bring a hammer out to straighten it.

I guess there are some benefits in driving an old car. Nobody is talking about the knocks that's happening to my car in my family somehow. I guess its not really an issue.

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Anonymous said...

Hey. I LOVE THIS CAR. I mean, nissan sunny 130Y. They all kaya ones mah. Let them be. 1 day diorang pulak kena. Haha. Cheers.