Saturday, May 16, 2009

How to spot a Fake Louis Vuitton Bag?

Not too long ago, a friend of mine (the most straightforward guy i have ever known) asked one of his girl friends (who happens to be carrying a Louis Vuitton bag at that time) whether it was a....


The point of him asking was to see her reaction towards such a question. If she continued defending her bag that it was real, then in most cases, your initial thoughts would be, its definitely a fake.

But then again, she could be doing that because those bags don't come cheap at all,

and to be considered it as a fake when its actually real would definitely be very hurtful, denting her emo for the rest of her life in which she would eventually start a new emo blog about her new depressing life and the LV bag that she would never carry out again.

But this is all debatable.

I also happen to know some girls who simply knows how to spot fake LV bags when they see one. It almost seem like girls have this innate ability to detect a fake.

I could always remember, there was this time when I was walking along a shopping mall, this girl friend of mine would quickly stop me and tell me that the other girl carrying an LV bag was a fake.


I mean, at most, if I saw this bike with a custom-made LV seat, I could definitely tell its a fake.

That's just about it, but I guess the guy or girl with that LV seat would be proud of it because it would have differenciated his or her bike from the few hundreds more parked over there. In fact, I feel it would be the only bike in the whole world with such a seat.

But then again, like i said. THIS IS DEBATABLE!!

Anyway, not having to wonder anymore, I stumbled upon some sites that one day, we guys would be aware of fake girls carrying fake lv bags and we would not be duped by a hot and fake LV Chiq.

Here's some tips on how to spot a fake LV bag from one of the sites.
  • Louis Vuitton bags are expensive. They are made out of expensive materials such as boa, crocodile, lambskin and camel skin. Fakes are made from pleather and vinyl and feel rough and stiff. A real Louis Vuitton is smooth and feels soft. The trim is done is Vachetta and will tan naturally as the bag ages. Most fakes are done in a light tan trim or a fake aged trim that will not change with age.
  • Since authentic bags are expensive, if the price seems very low then the handbag probably is not real.
  • Louis Vuitton stitching is done perfectly. You will not see loose threads or ends on an authentic Louis Vuitton bag.
  • Monogram placement is done carefully and is consistent on pieces. It will not be crooked or cut off. It will look the same on each style of bag.
  • Louis Vuitton does not discount, have outlets, sell wholesale or have their products in open air markets.
  • Tags are never attached to a Louis Vuitton bag. They may come with tags, but they are simply placed in the purse or dust bag.
  • If the bag in question is a style that cannot be found on the Louis Vuitton website, then this means that the bag is fake. There are not new styles coming out every season.
  • The hardware used on the bag is also an indicator. Fake bags will often have painted gold plastic whereas an authentic will have gold or brass metal hardware.

If that's too much to read or you simply can't understand, here's a site that differenciates the fake and real LV bag in picture form.

Here's another site.

For those of you who are still not interested enough to actually bother to read to know the difference between a real and fake LV bag, there is this video to educate you as well.

So there you go guys and girls, start detecting those FAKERS!


Real Woman said...

hi there mr gin. good topic! but do u notice that lately the fakes are made almost 99% looks like original that it's difficult to differentiate. i've written in my blog not so long ago abt this. and the worse part is these people are selling the good fake for the price of an ori!

socialista said...

i have bought dozens of fake and original louis buy fakes someone must be intelligent and careful on every single details on the handbags.i will make sure my fake lv will be 100% identical to the real one.just to share some info with u.the fake lv usually can be seen on the metal they used,its not smooth enough but nobody can tell the difference unless the lv craftsman,i have bought dozens of my fake lv to the lv store,the s.a of lv doesnt even recognised it even they hold and see it,i am avid collector of fakes limited edition louis vuitton,because the price are too high..but now since the fake factory manufacturer bought the original limited lv's and make the 100% identical to original..who cares,just used long as u rich and can carry the image so go ahead!and plz3 make sure its identical to original lv,be detail on the leather,stitching,metal and etc,

Eva Knox said...

If you want to know for sure that you’re buying a real Louis Vuitton handbag, check the size of the bag, usually fake bags are bigger. If you want to know more about how to spot a fake Louis Vuitton bag, visit my blog,

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