Friday, May 08, 2009

Happening in Highway Traffic Jam

Yesterday, while I was driving back from KL to Penang, took a longer time than normally expected. I got stuck in a traffic jam for nearly one hour.

Just awhile ago, I went through the Star Newspaper and apparently the traffic jam was not huge enough to be stated in there.

Not even this Free Newspaper that you get from Mcdonalds

or anywhere else that spells "Free Newspaper come before other Kia Su's FINISH it"

But I suppose, one hour in a traffic jam is pretty common if not worst in the KL city.

Anyway, yesterday I happen to witness for the first time a highway traffic jam. I thought it would never ever happen to me but it just did.

Passing by Ipoh, around this mid-section near "rocky mountain" that look like this,

the traffic suddenly came to a stand-still.

So for awhile, we thought it was a police road block which I hope it wasn't because they love catching underage kids like me for driving big cars.

But it couldn't be because the traffic was not moving at all.

After 10 minutes, everybody started shutting off their car engines and coming out of their cars. It almost seem like a reenactment of the movie The Happening.

In just that short period of time, you could see the traffic build-up that went for miles.

Anyway, here's what I found pretty amusing about this highway traffic jam. In most cases, you would read of people who would suddenly panic, or suffer from all sorts of illness that needs emergency aid from the hospitals, helicopters have to dispatched to transfer the terminally ill, or dehydrated caused by the heat since it happened at 4pm.

However, what I saw was rather different. We Malaysian's are one patient lot.

Malaysians would start to have a smoke.

Malaysians would gather around and have a chit-chat minus the "teh peng" of course.

Some would Gossip which is nothing new in Malaysia.

Some would start taking pictures

which I followed eventually for this blog.

Some would relax and enjoy the breathtaking view.

Some would take the time to think over their life, probably the right thing to do.

While most didn't give a shit of what was happening and just sat inside the car the entire time.

The adventurous ones however, decided to take a walk down the road to find out what was causing the jam which I went as well.

As I was walking down to find out the cause of the traffic jam which was caused by a Petronas Tanker that looked like it smashed against something that blocked the entire road a couple of miles down from where my car was,

I found this Malaysian outdoing himself during the traffic jam.




Vince Yeoh said...

Wow, massive traffic jam, luckily no explosion, haha...

Mr Gin said...

guess if there was, you could probably expect something like a video just like the movie "cloverfield"