Monday, May 04, 2009

Defining Malaysian Time

Last Saturday, I decided to put the MALAYSIAN TIME to the test.

It has been known that if you're a Malaysian, you would know what Malaysian Time is all about.

Basically, for those of you who don't know, Malaysian Time is about arriving at a predetermined time that is naturally set by the mindworks of Malaysian's which is normally much later than the set time. (Try looking it up at Wikipedia)

In short, arriving late due to unforeseen circumstances.

I mean...In short, arriving late due to many other reasons that does not require reasoning.

I mean..really...In short, arriving later because I don't see any reason why I should come on time and stand around alone (applies to those who are not attached or nobody really wants to follow you) looking like a dungoo (malaysian term for swahili or stupid).

Sadly, Malaysian Time has its many drawbacks like....

Its normally not used when you go out with a girl looking like this.

Even if your close friend does not look like that, you know who's priority still and you should never ever use malaysian time on your close friend even if she offers you "a good time"

You don't use it when it comes to really important meetings. I say important because if its not then use Malaysian Time.

And many more where Malaysian's have learned to use their own discretions over their entire life span.

So, last Saturday, my friends and I decided to go clubbing at Mois.

Ian, a friend of mine who just came back from the United States of America after 5 years being over there asked me what time shall we meet at MOIS.

We needed a time to meet because everyone had to meet together precisely so that everyone could share their hard earned cash to buy that bottle of whiskey which was the key anyhow to entering the club whether u're going in "free" or not. (of course this does not apply to women)

Knowing that everybody has their own problems, people will always have their own undisclosed problems such as bf/gf quarrels,

forgot/sorry, stomachache, heavy rain, stop by police, road block, traffic jams, and still sleeping,

I told everyone to meet up at 11pm Malaysian Time thinking that everyone would come just a few minutes later at most.

My friend Ian (After staying in US for so long) wasn't sure at first what kind of timing was that, but he went along agreeing to it.

Guess what time everyone showed up.

Everybody arrived at...



If you thought that was bad, another True Malaysian came at 12:30pm. That one I think too much la harr...The best part was ALL BUT ONE ARRIVED AT THE SAME TIME!! NOBODY HAD TO WAIT.




Anonymous said...


Ping Ping said...

=x and there I was complaining when my friends arrive half an hour late EVERY SINGLE TIME. Also because I always reached like 15 minutes early not because I want to but because I miscalculated the time needed to travel to a place.

And when I'm late for like 5 minutes, everyone miraculously was early and started complaining, "Why you so late ar?" So did ur US friend came late as well??? =P

Ian said...

oi we got there at 11:30 since you gave a time range... just that we had to visit the E&O restroom first lol

Mr Gin said...

ping ping: haha..apparently he was in the toilet that made him arrive on malaysian time...hahaha.

Ian: well we all arrived on the same the rest room was fated