Thursday, May 14, 2009

Celcom Wireless Broadband vs Maxis Returned Back Modem

I've always been wanting to return back my Maxis Wireless Broadband for a very long time.

I have written two posts on it in the past and trust me...they were never good things about it.

Even their parties with hot girls in them is not going to change my mind!! If returning back the Maxis modem would consequantially leave me too miss parties like that in the future, I would!!

But all this while, I never really had the courage to return it back because first of all, I was on a contract term which is finally over, and I never knew how the others faired.

So, a few days ago, I subscribed to the Celcom Wireless Broadband.

Now i'm not going to say much like I did in my previous posts on the Maxis, but for this Celcom so far.

I've only got one word to explain it all.


First of all, they give you a free gift something that Maxis did not give me when I subscribed for their modem. In fact, they actually gave me nothing for a free gift.

A 1Gb pen drive that you could wear it all the time and look cool just like the Lance Armstrong wrist band before. You could probably see me wearing it while i'm playing football now. I never had one in the past, so.....i hope its not too late for me to wear one?

Then there is the usb modem.

Looks cool isn't it.

Gone are the days of the box modem.

I would like to think that this celcom broadband is like having a fat girlfriend before but now you have a slimmed girlfriend that is so easy to bring around. Yes you will miss that fat girlfriend but you would enjoy this slimmed one forever because its just so convenient and fast and fun. I hope you get it!

Talking about "fast". This baby is FAST!! Here let me show you some pictures which I will go through very quickly. Well faster than maxis wireless broadband by a MILE!!

P1 Test Test

This is our standing in the internet connection world.

Let's talk about convenient. Look how easy! No more WIRES like my fat girlfriend before!

Easy to connect.

Anyway, I can't show you how big a difference in internet connection i'm enjoying right now. A vast difference that I really feel no pain in disowning my fat girlfriend.

So, without waiting any longer, a few days ago I went to Maxis Center to return their modem. Everything went smoothly until the girl at the booth told me whether I have brought the box. The box that came with it two years ago.

I brought everything but the box. I mean WHO THE HELL KEEPS A BOX LYING AROUND FOR TWO YEARS!!

I thought it was no big deal so I asked her what's with the box??

Maxis Girl: The box will cost you another RM30 if you do not return it.

RM 30!!


i've got slim girlfriend now ok!!


Dann said...

That box is costing you RM30? Who's going to keep a empty box for months or years? Imagine if we happened to keep every single box, our house going to look like a cardboard warehouse! LOL.

If these ever going to happen with me. I'll definitely scribble something on it and return. Write telephone numbers and stupid comments (like the 4 letter word starting with letter "F"). Im so un-educated, shame on me. :$

Mr Gin said...

Dann:yeah luckilly I found it somewhere in the house..I knew i left something out on the box!lol..thanks for the input now!!hehe..

Anonymous said... to check my maxis broadband connection

Nurul said...

Any info on monthly fee and upfront charges?

Anonymous said...

im using the same as you...
but my prob is i cant sign in YM..
but when i change, by using cable, it works..
means its not my YM installation prob....
however, surfing the net is good n faster than using cable..
my area is in puncak alam..
is there any reason of this...?
plsss...if u can help me to solve this...

thank you in advance ;)

Mr Gin said...

I guess u can check it on their,my.

I'm not about a YM problem..I suppose you can try and contact Celcom Helpline..Visit their website, u can get their contact there...