Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bomba Catches Cobra

Last Sunday, Bomba came over my grandmother's house.

It wasn't because of fire.

It wasn't because of a cat that knew how to get up a tree and did not know how to get down.

Even the fire hydrant in front of them that had a tree growing in it, was not even part of the reason why they came.

It was because we had a snake problem. A snake that was hiding in a hole under a flower pot. most times, I would have done a Steve Irwin move on the snake,

but because Bomba services are free and definitely more experienced than I am in catching snakes by having the necessary tools to do the job, I decided to call them instead.

I accidentally dialed 911 which in actual fact should be 999, but somehow, the nice girl on the phone whom after taking down my particulars handed my call over to Bomba. (I suppose any number still works since we Malaysians are really confused on which emergency number to call.)

So, after about 40 minutes since I did not put in a way that the snake was going to KILL US, they FINALLY arrived.

you'd probably be wondering how our firemen looks like and why girls in our country doesn't go wild when they see one, well, behold the snake catcher..

i'm sure there are "girlsss" but i'm pretty sure they'd not go wild. But then again, maybe with the snakes around, they would and he would think it would be for him.

Now, not everybody can be Steve Irwin.

It takes at least three firemen to come and catch a snake.

They had the necessary tool

and here's something educational in catching snakes if your inner Steve Irwin decides to.

In order to flush the snake out, what Bomba did was spray insecticide.

That's right, just like a flash bomb for humans. Just keep spraying insecticide into the hole!

If that wasn't enough, being at a Grandmother's House, insecticide was plentiful.

Make sure the trap was set just like this!

Eventually, the snake decides to come out.

Bomba Fireman got the snake pinned down with one stick and another fireman had his rope tool around the head of the snake. Let's just say, the snake has been caught.

And when you thought that everything is over and the snake would now enjoy a good life of free KFC finger-licking good food in some zoo everyday for the rest of its life and being admired by people for its existence on this earth,


The fireman smacks its head with another funny looking tool in my grandmother's house like a guillotine.


The snake is finally dead. The threat is finally over with the head totally disfigured.

The snake was actually a black Cobra. It was this long.

I couldn't help but take a close-up picture of this pityful snake.

I thought they were going to catch it not KILL IT!!If only Steve Irwin was still around.



Dann said...

They are so cruel! Pity that cobra... :|

Mr Gin said...

dann: yeah..terrible isn't it!

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