Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Best Curry Puff in Penang

Every now and then before I head on to work in the morning, I would turn into Pulau Tikus to buy my curry puff for breakfast.

Pulau Tikus may not sound like the best place to buy food due to its association with umm RATS?? but let me tell you guys..

Forget about the rats, forget about the dirty drains, forget about the thousands of dead "fresh" fish they sell at the wet market because the curry puff is amazing!!

The curry puff is sold at this shop where the guy in a white shirt is standing in the middle of this picture under a huge umbrella.

Here's how the curry puff looks like from all angels.

Ok it may not look like much, but its the taste that counts isn't it and It only costs RM1.50 per piece.

I couldn't resist by having more than a bite, eventually eating everything up in the car before I get to office. They even provide proper tissue paper for practical eating in the car.

So there you go guys, go ahead and try it.

Something tells me that one day, some policeman would like to have a share of the best curry puff in Penang with me.


Dann said...

Gosh, gotta try that curry puff when i pass that street next time. Whats inside the curry puff by the way? Normal potato and chicken? *tasty*

Mr Gin said...

oops...guess i missed that out!umm yeah "special" potato and chicken inside..haha..

Anonymous said...

I "may" have had his curry puff before, but I will need to make a note to check it out again the next time I am back in Penang. I love curry puffs although they are probably not the healthiest food (usually due to the somewhat greasy exterior), but that concern aside - it is one of my favorite snack food. Thanks for sharing!