Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mr Gin's Project 365 Begins

Today is a start of Mr Gin's project 365 that I've been wanting to do after seeing so many other people do it which seems pretty interesting to me.

For those of you who don't know. Here's a small definition.

What is a Project 365? It involves me taking (at least) one picture every day for the next one year and posting it to my blog to share what I experience and go through during the day.

Are there benefits? Well actually I hope this will inspire me to keep on updating my blog regularly from now on.

Anyway since, this is a start, and that the many days before today is pretty much secretly stored inside my head, i'm going to start this project at day...umm lets see...

(JAN)31 + (FEB)28 + (MARCH)31 +(APRIL)25 = 115

So here we go. This was what I pretty much did yesterday. Was at one-utama in the morning on Saturday. Saw part of a catwalk.

Gin's Project 365, Day 115, 25/4/09

From there, I went to Subang later where i had lunch at Asia Cafe.

Ummm, whats left of my duck rice?

Then I went to Inti College, before going back to Penang.

There you go guys. PROJECT 365 initiated.

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