Saturday, April 25, 2009

Impressing a woman with Vincci Shoe

Just awhile ago, I was reading Mabel's blog regarding her truth about impressing men and women.

It goes like this.

How to impress a woman:

Compliment her, cuddle her, kiss her, caress her, listen to her, buy her gifts, protect her, wine and dine her, surprise her, support her, respect her, stand by her, hug her, go to the ends of the earth for her.

How to impress a man:

Arrive naked....with beer.

Now I don't know what she does during her free-time writing all this, but there happens to be some truth there.

If I were to see a girl lying on my bed that looks like this, I suppose it wouldn't take much to umm "impress" me.

Nothing else can buy the experience I could get.

Not even an ipod.

Not even a Bentley.

Even if she could buy me a Bentley. I would say. HELL WITH THE BENTLEY!! I am willing to settle with a bicycle forever.

All I want is an impression that would last forever in my mind.

Sadly, impressing a man rarely comes before impressing a woman.

Trying to take the advice or wait...the truth from Mabel seriously, I decided that I will start with buying her gifts. OKla, a gift first la ok. You'd never know how'd seriously bad you might get rejected.

So, just awhile ago at one-utama, as creative as I can be to impress a woman, I went to Vincci.

That's right. The famous shop that sells girl shoes.

I was looking for a girls shoe. (Obviously!!!)

Not just any shoe.

Model number SF-0881 and its black in colour. 5 1/2 size. (You may see it, as some effort and research has been put into impressing a woman)

Hmm...ummm...(have not seen it yet) i think it looks like this...

Now...I don't know about you or many guys out there, but this may come as some what odd to my daily life.

I have never done such things before.

I have never bought a girls shoe before.

I mean hell, I don't even buy myself a shoe at the first place.

Sadly, I've gone all this way out only to find that, i'm buying this shoe for a friend who is trying to impress his girl.

Sigh....What the hell am I staying back in KL for. I'm going to back to Penang now. Where the grass is green and the girls do not require gifts to be pampered with. All they need is compliments.

At least that's what I think..ummm.....

What do you think girls?Success for my friend to come?


SY said...

Actually...quite a lot of chinese pantang buying shoes for people!! Lol...

Mr Gin said...

shucks, I was just merely providing a service..Pantang does not cover that right?RIGHT??lol..

Mabel Leong said...

Yeah, Chinese pantang buying shoes for other people. BUT, apparently, the person receiving the shoe, has to give 20 cents to the person who bought the shoe and its ok d. That's what my aunt told me.

SY said...

Mabel: Ur aunty cheap!! I gave RM1!! HAHA