Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Love is in the Air

Last Sunday, my sister who happens to be an avid reader of my blog came into my room and told me that I should put in more feelings into my blog. She's bored reading the crap I write every now and then.

Be a little bit EMO if i can!!

In short, touch a little on your feminine side. (Careful not to touch too much though or you might just turn gay.)

I told her I will try my best. So here's as EMO as i can get! Here it goes..

While using my computer last Sunday, two little birds came and visited me.

Mr Gin's Project 365, Day 116, 26/04/2009

And this wasn't actually the first time. These two birds have visited me many times before in the past, in a pair just like this.

I thought for awhile and wondered why these two birds keep visiting me like that. These two birds could actually be telling me something when suddenly....

EMOTIONALLY!! I felt....


ok i'm done with emo. I know i suck at it!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Building Wash vs Window Wash

For a long time until yesterday, I always thought that washing windows for buildings was an unimaginable task.

I was looking at Tiam's blog the other day,

and I thought its one of the most craziest and scariest things to do to be hanged from a building on the outside to wipe hundreds of windows with a piece of cloth, hundreds of feet above the ground, all alone, and probably no girlfriend or attachment in general. You know..this are the people you won't even know if he falls down.

I felt its the worst job in maintaining a building all this while, notttt until what I saw yesterday which may seem not too bad after all.

I mean if you were to look at an average tall building, you could possibly count how many windows that the cleaner would have to wash before his done for the day.

Lets exclude twin towers for the time being. Lets forget that there are people who'd have to clean the windows of the twin towers!!

But yesterday, while I was at Inti College in Subang,

I came across this.


Mr Gin's Project 365 Begins

Today is a start of Mr Gin's project 365 that I've been wanting to do after seeing so many other people do it which seems pretty interesting to me.

For those of you who don't know. Here's a small definition.

What is a Project 365? It involves me taking (at least) one picture every day for the next one year and posting it to my blog to share what I experience and go through during the day.

Are there benefits? Well actually I hope this will inspire me to keep on updating my blog regularly from now on.

Anyway since, this is a start, and that the many days before today is pretty much secretly stored inside my head, i'm going to start this project at day...umm lets see...

(JAN)31 + (FEB)28 + (MARCH)31 +(APRIL)25 = 115

So here we go. This was what I pretty much did yesterday. Was at one-utama in the morning on Saturday. Saw part of a catwalk.

Gin's Project 365, Day 115, 25/4/09

From there, I went to Subang later where i had lunch at Asia Cafe.

Ummm, whats left of my duck rice?

Then I went to Inti College, before going back to Penang.

There you go guys. PROJECT 365 initiated.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Impressing a woman with Vincci Shoe

Just awhile ago, I was reading Mabel's blog regarding her truth about impressing men and women.

It goes like this.

How to impress a woman:

Compliment her, cuddle her, kiss her, caress her, listen to her, buy her gifts, protect her, wine and dine her, surprise her, support her, respect her, stand by her, hug her, go to the ends of the earth for her.

How to impress a man:

Arrive naked....with beer.

Now I don't know what she does during her free-time writing all this, but there happens to be some truth there.

If I were to see a girl lying on my bed that looks like this, I suppose it wouldn't take much to umm "impress" me.

Nothing else can buy the experience I could get.

Not even an ipod.

Not even a Bentley.

Even if she could buy me a Bentley. I would say. HELL WITH THE BENTLEY!! I am willing to settle with a bicycle forever.

All I want is an impression that would last forever in my mind.

Sadly, impressing a man rarely comes before impressing a woman.

Trying to take the advice or wait...the truth from Mabel seriously, I decided that I will start with buying her gifts. OKla, a gift first la ok. You'd never know how'd seriously bad you might get rejected.

So, just awhile ago at one-utama, as creative as I can be to impress a woman, I went to Vincci.

That's right. The famous shop that sells girl shoes.

I was looking for a girls shoe. (Obviously!!!)

Not just any shoe.

Model number SF-0881 and its black in colour. 5 1/2 size. (You may see it, as some effort and research has been put into impressing a woman)

Hmm...ummm...(have not seen it yet) i think it looks like this...

Now...I don't know about you or many guys out there, but this may come as some what odd to my daily life.

I have never done such things before.

I have never bought a girls shoe before.

I mean hell, I don't even buy myself a shoe at the first place.

Sadly, I've gone all this way out only to find that, i'm buying this shoe for a friend who is trying to impress his girl.

Sigh....What the hell am I staying back in KL for. I'm going to back to Penang now. Where the grass is green and the girls do not require gifts to be pampered with. All they need is compliments.

At least that's what I think..ummm.....

What do you think girls?Success for my friend to come?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

BMW a measure of success before marrying

Last weekend, I attended a wedding at Rasa Sayang.

And when someone tells you that their wedding is held over there, You just don't come late or come in your clubbing attire hoping for it to end early so that you could be in time for night clubbing.

You make sure that you come in a nice car. Like a Bentley or anything just a little bit lower.

You make sure that you come in branded clothing like wearing an LV buckle to make sure that you are a class above the others.

You make sure that your girlfriend is perfect even if she has to go for an airbrush tanning to make sure that she has flawless skin.

Just like how other celebrity's are doing it already.

And most of all,

YOU MAKE SURE!! that you come from a civilized city and not back from the Kampung which the hotel employees are skilled enough to sniff and filter these people out as they live pretty close by the hotel.

So, after weeks and months of preparation, the big day finally came.

Note: I got to take pictures from you guys on facebook ok. Hope you guys don't mind. That is if you read my blog.

First of all, I couldn't of course drive there with my old piece of junk. I couldn't simply risk parking my car infront of the hotel that would down-grade its five-star ratings. That is first of all, if they haven't kicked me out yet.

So a nice friend of mind after hearing how much I wanted to help the planet by reducing my carbon footprint, felt that hitchin a ride would actually do some good and so picked me up from my place. A start at least to a greener planet and a good start to showing how civilized I am before I got to Rasa Sayang.

So we arrived early only to find that the cocktail has not even started yet.

As a result, with some of the girls who arrived even earlier than us, started to camwhore already.

They even came with state-of-the art cameras to make sure the event was properly recorded down into superfine quality pictures.

Not prolonging anymore, this is how the wedding looked inside.

They had a band that played country songs the whole night.

The lighting was wonderful.

The flowers were as i'm known to say "It's Beautiful"

The food was good. The drinks were good. The girls were pretty.

What else was there to ask for in such a dinner!!

So the decor was great, and they had a proper emcee and stuff and all kinds of little things that goes along the way such as this nice little gift which is now lying in my bed room with no idea what to do with it.

Now one of the things I took note during the event was the speeches made by the two best man.(I think those two guys fourth from the left in the picture below)

You see...in most weddings, some people would like to know what the wedding couple is like. Since most of the people in the room that night were closer to the bride, more people were rather curious of the english guy who married the princess.

They want to know whether he was able to support her. Was he wealthy and confident enough to go through the stormy weather when it arises throughout the relationship.

Was he cheerful enough to ensure that the princess was forever happy.

Was he rich enough to buy her an LV bag when the need arises.

In short, was he an honest, tender, loving, caring and secured man?

For many of us that night, we would never know all this since they're in UK, but for us many Chinese, the least we would like to know or hear is that the groom was doing well.

The two best man said and stressed that,


How about that for a measure of success!! I am pretty sure they'd do well!ALL THE BEST TO BOTH OF THEM!!

By the way, if any of you would like to marry, I know a guy who drives a two door BMW and his single. Definitely got the stuff to marry already.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Road Block After Clubbing in Zouk

A few days ago, my friend came down to KL with the only intention to go clubbing.

That's right. ONLY CLUBBING!



Not even playing Gears of War 2 on an XBOX would excite him as much as what he would experience when the night(clubbing at zouk) comes.

Not even the thrill of a very fast car that took him down from Penang to KL in less than 2 and a half hours would provide him the excitement as well.

Not even shopping at Pavillion

and trying on very expensive suits such as PRADA that costs RM6,000 minimum was he not interested as well.

Even having a cup of coffee at Starbucks in Pavillion was not strong enough to keep him awake as he needed much rest so that he would be active and out-going in Zouk when the time comes which is of course very important when you're socialising especially if you're out hitting on girls.

Soon, night came and well, armed with his most expensive leather shoes and long sleeved striped shirt and "apple bottom jeans" and not to forget, an Armani Perfume of "I forgot what brand it was",


Now, I am not going to go into the details of a normal clubbing session which did not turn out the way he wanted it of what a perfect clubbing session like sitting on a chair with chicks like how Snoop Dogg would do it.

I am going to touch on what happened after clubbing which happened to be more interesting.

You see, even in a normal clubbing session, it is normally expected that you at least have a few drinks. And when i say drinks I don't mean orange juice or a cup of coke. I mean alcohol of course.

But of course, we know that people who drink Alcoholic beverages at night clubs are just a minority few. We all know that people who go to night clubs would drink plain water and pay hundred of dollars for this worlds purest water.

So, the police felt the same way and felt that they should check on this minority few and make sure that they stay away from the streets as drink and driving is not safe at all. They decided to put a road block a small distance away from Zouk only to stop a nice looking BMW which my friend was driving to test for Alcohol.

It almost seem that his BMW not only attracted women. It attracted policemen as well. Had I drove my construction-like working vehicle called Pajero, the police wouldn't have noticed me and felt that this unknown living creature in KL wouldn't be part of this minority group as his life is already tough enough and should be just drinking water.

What happens next..Well i'm going to go through this very quickly.

Breathlyser test --> Red (means on alcoholic influence)

Breathlyser test for second time --> Red (Proving on alcoholic influence)

We persist that he can drive.

They want to take him to Balai.

Driver says: Can you speak english?

Police says: Yes i can!(Continued to speak in Oxford English)

Police asks driver to seat behind.

Police takes over the wheel.

Then I told him.

Mr Gin says: Hey you tahu pandu BMW arr?

Police: Yes saya tahu, I tak ada lesen sahaja.

MrGin's Thoughts: ummm..what the hell did you just say?

Police: I tell you what, I cakap dengan You better you keluar kereta I talk to you behind.

Ok guys, I'm sure you would have figured out by now what the hell happens when the police talks to your friend (passenger) instead.

At the end of the night, Instead of going to the Balai, we were on our way back with myself driving and giving clear assurance that there would be no more road block along the way.

Aren't the police so nice!!

All I know is, had we drank water instead of Alcohol, my friend could have been better off hitting on women by taking them out for dinner which he clearly could have afforded after Zouk such as Ferengghi Garden.