Sunday, March 01, 2009

Using the old highway to Ipoh from KL

It seems like I never got back from my last trip back to Penang.

Luckilly, i did.

Because, two weeks ago, instead of using the express highway that I normally use to travel in-between Penang and KL just like any Ferrari's or Bugatti's would ONLY use,

I decided to travel on an alternative route.

That's right guys, there is an alternative route. An Old Road formally used before the new express highway was built.

Now I would have never seen the day when I would branch off from the highway to visit places called Bedong, or Kepong, or Gopah or *gosh I'm trying really hard to remember*, thinking that I would somehow get lost into the wilderness and surrounded by mystical cannibalistic creatures

just like the movie Wrong Turn.

I mean hell, everytime I travel down to KL, I just ignore all these little town that branches off from the highway. I guess if there were any time in this life time of mine that I would check out these places, I chose that day.

So, Bedong is a nice place. (just forget that places like KL even exist and set yourself back by 20 years)

You can say that recession or no recession, these people are barely efffected. I mean hell, they don't even know what the hell is going on in the world I suppose.

They sell plants with special breeds hoping for some dumb city-folk to buy them and grow it in their expensive landscaped garden.

They are well known for their Jambu.(well really too bad if you don't eat jambu because that's the only real thing you see being sold everywhere by the road side.)

You can say that, girls here are less demanding and definitely not branded but don't expect anything close to a Michelle Yeoh since the town of Ipoh is relatively near.

There are no fancy restaurants for you to go too, and so I headed on to a famous coffee-shop here.

Now, I have been told before arriving here that the coffee-shop

was famous for its wan tan mee which comes together with a bowl of delicious wan tan soup.

Just as I thought that, things here would be rather cheap in a small town called Bedong, my meal was not cheap at all. A plate of wan tan mee was RM 5.40. Could you believe it for a small town called BEDONG??I mean gosh, I was expecting like RM2 or something.

and just when my plate of mee came, my drink came costing me RM1.60.RM 1.60!!

I mean whats wrong with this place. They can't expect KL pricing in a small measly town which looked like it will be abandoned anytime soon as the young would no longer choose to stay there. A poor man like myself came here for a decent and affordable meal not get slaughtered. Things should be cheaper with all the economic problems going around the world. Not expensive!!

After being done with licking up the entire plate to make sure its all worth the money I paid for, I left Bedong by using the old highway.

Now the difference between the old highway and the new highway is that the road is narrow and lots of bends here and there.

Lots of things to see and its just amazing with a little amount of time before you bump into another god-foresaken town called Kepong.

And then, you end up in another god-foresaken city called Gopah. And then, Simpang Pulai.

And then you just get all sick about the little adventure with houses that is simply similar to going down Penang Road and simply branch back out to the new express highway.

One of the nicest things though is knowing what all this places look like along the way but the BESTEST AND NICEST THING OF ALL,

You pay less toll. I don't really remember how much, but its just enough to go back to Bedong and buy yourself another wan tan noodle.


Dann said...

Seriously, i could buy 2 packets of Wan Tan Mee with that pricing!

Mr GiN said...'d better show me this wan tan mee for that kind of price..good i hope!lol..