Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Romantic Place in Tanjung Bungah

I hope you guys have noticed the minor changes that I have made to my blog. Hopefully it gives a new fresh look! If not damn! What the hell was i doing the entire weeekend??Anyway...

Yesterday, I went out with a friend to a pretty decent romantic place in tanjung bungah.

The kind of place with flowing water much like a waterfall that makes it difficult for anyone to look outside from inside the restaurant even if a Ferrari was parked outisde. Hence, for people who always fails in their attempt to impress a girl on the first date should come to such a place as she has no other choice but to continue concentrating on you.

Its the kind of place that you could bring a girl, wait not any girl, a waitress that earns RM5 below an hour to impress her and still not burn a hole in your pocket.

And when i say impress, I mean going in for the kill, much like a hunter in the Sahara desert.

If the food had not impressed her enough (i mean hell, she would have to work hours before even having such a meal and not having any savings left), the environment would.

This is the very important part to remember before going to such a place and thinking you could go in for the kill. It is important that she is a waitress, not a model or mid to upper class women ok!! Waitresses are more likely to be impressed with such meals rather than a model who enjoys such luxuries most of the time, thus only impressions like closing an entire retail shoe outlet for her to only shop would work.

This would include Malaysian Dream Girls ok. Girls who dreams as well are not included as I wouldn't put it as a romantic place that you'd find fantasy romance.

Sadly, I went there with a guy friend and we were not there for the dinner, but for drinks just to check the place out.

Being single guys, we can only think of all the wonderful places we could bring our future mates which never materializes. So, date people like us if you wanna find out more about this place. Imagination simply builds with age but our confidence level drops as well.

I would like to continue further guys but I need to get back to work. To be continued...Until then...

THANK YOU FOR READING THIS ENTIRE CRAP! Getting my blog going for you dear readers. hopefully I have not gotten rusty! I could not take any pictures for you all to see sadly. However if you'd like to know more / interested, i'm sure somewhere between the lines of what i have just said would mean something.

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