Friday, February 06, 2009

Lets play Kings tennis at Esplanade

Ok guys, some of you may only have read whats been happening at the esplanade after the incident of the "Kings of Tennis" event which went off not too long ago. I figured I might as well show you some pictures of whats been happening over there recently.

These were taken a few days before Chinese New Year.

Damaged Garden.(supposedly costs RM200,000 to repair) So for you China Businessmen out there, maybe plant grass for less? I mean, how hard can it be to plant grass!!

More damaged grass




So, I leave you to be the judge of how much the grass is worth.

Anyway, one of the things that they have also left behind in the field is this...

A Tennis Court.

Not just any tennis court. The Kings of tennis court.

This was where all the all-time greats were supposed to play tennis not too long ago. All-time greats such as Pete Sampras.

Now I don't know about you, but in many events like this, you don't even get a chance to stand on the tennis court unless you're the tennis-ball collector or the one that shouts "OUT".

So guess what, I took the liberty to stand on it and I did.

Excellent view for such an event.

Standing there for a few minutes under the hot sun, I can't help but notice why nobody has come over here and play tennis.

ITS FREE!!(At least thats what it seems to be for now)I mean how many times do you get to play on world class tennis court standards!

I'm sure we can come up with something for the net, maybe just two sticks and a very very very long string?

So anybody up to have a game of tennis?After work maybe, for those of you nearby the baby financial center of penang.

I feel this could be a beginning of bringing up many Jaguh Kampungs of Tennis. Please don't take the tennis court away!

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