Friday, January 30, 2009

Gin's 2009 Chinese New Year

After reading through what Tiam had to say about his Chinese New Year, I believe I might as well share the summary of my CNY as well since its more or less coming to an end soon or wait..pretty much ended already.

Here we go...

1. I just learned my Fat Dog is scared of fireworks. Tried to hide under the drain but was too fat.

We never ever let dogs enter the house, but we felt pityful for her, we let her in. She was panting so much that we thought at the rate she was going, she was going to get a heart-attack. She stood underneath the table the entire time.

Somehow we just felt that this dog is definitely trained in the past for bomb raids. She did not eat for two days. She definitely has a very interesting personality.

2. Ang Pow's definitely affected by the global economic downturn. Definitely much smaller compared to previous years...

3. Ate Steamboat pretty much nearly every day until last night. I believe this is the first year i've been having so much Steamboat.

4. I told my friends that gambling is against my religious belief at his house. That was after already spending one night at his place playing cards. Religious belief people!!Do you get it??Do you get it??

5. I was so bored the entire day waiting for relatives to drop by, I decided to do something spectacularly interesting like planting a Pineapple tree. Let me say that again,


No guys, its not for prosperity and all that mystical stuff. Just did not know what else to do with the pineapple head. I know guys, I should get an XBOX 360 or something.

That's it guys. Started work on the third day of Chinese New Year.


Dann said...

Pretty interesting new year you had. LOL... especially planting a pineapple tree. Man i miss those moment where 4 of us playing Chor Tai Tee before class in college. =P


AhPau said...

Poor doggy. Your dog isn't the only one afraid of fireworks though..My cousin's dog was afraid too.
Mine however...barks at the fireworks hahaha

Well at least ur CNY was far more happening

Mr GiN said...

Dann: hahaha..i'd always love those times!!

ah pau: i just found out myself most dogs do..the fireworks was miles away and still they were afraid..amazing..