Sunday, January 25, 2009

The car that lasts forever

Whenever recession comes, I always believe its the best time to spend your money and not the other way around of keeping your money under the bed.

When businesses are affected, they tend to either boost sales by lowering the price of their products or services,

or they can just become an ass and ask the government for loan when they're in trouble.

But back in the small town of Kedah called Sungai Petani, where labor is relatively cheap, food is cheap, and girls that look like this,

the only thing not so good is businesses which are badly affected.

Looking at the way how things are going, small businesses who really has a tougher time of obtaining any loan (come on man, survival of the foetus ok?), they have no choice but to even lower their already low price of their products and services.

Its like you can buy an LV bag here for a quarter the original price because people here can't really afford it and well not many swanky people.

Well try halfing the already quarter price and you'd get the picture.

Now, with the Chinese New Year in one days time, we couldn't help but clean things up a little and make sure we look sharp to face the invetible recession threat coming our way.

So guess what guys, with RM500, we decided to give our old faithful ride a new coat of paint. You heard that right, RM500. The kind of money you can't even buy an ipod.

The you can see..simply wonderful..

Can you feel it!!CAN YOU FEEL IT!!


It may not be surprising to many of you i mean, what the hell, its just a coat of paint right.

I tell you...if you had a freaking rough surface car like mine for 10 years, you'd understand. You would understand when you go out on a date and could see tears flowing down from her face.

The kind of tears of deep sadness of how her future would be threatened if she would continue to have a deep relationship with this guy. Trust me guys, you wouldn't understand.

But all that will change with my new coat of paint when a friend of mine that I met up last night told me my car was a Ferrari. As much as a joke it may be (wait a big joke!), it somehow really made my day.

I feel the money spent was well worth its value. I feel the year of the OX will be a good one for me and I hope it does for you too. Its official guys, the car will lasts another 10 more years.



SY said...

U just day i drive my Lambo*cough*myvi challenge u then u know :p heheheheh ;) happy cny!

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