Friday, January 30, 2009

Gin's 2009 Chinese New Year

After reading through what Tiam had to say about his Chinese New Year, I believe I might as well share the summary of my CNY as well since its more or less coming to an end soon or wait..pretty much ended already.

Here we go...

1. I just learned my Fat Dog is scared of fireworks. Tried to hide under the drain but was too fat.

We never ever let dogs enter the house, but we felt pityful for her, we let her in. She was panting so much that we thought at the rate she was going, she was going to get a heart-attack. She stood underneath the table the entire time.

Somehow we just felt that this dog is definitely trained in the past for bomb raids. She did not eat for two days. She definitely has a very interesting personality.

2. Ang Pow's definitely affected by the global economic downturn. Definitely much smaller compared to previous years...

3. Ate Steamboat pretty much nearly every day until last night. I believe this is the first year i've been having so much Steamboat.

4. I told my friends that gambling is against my religious belief at his house. That was after already spending one night at his place playing cards. Religious belief people!!Do you get it??Do you get it??

5. I was so bored the entire day waiting for relatives to drop by, I decided to do something spectacularly interesting like planting a Pineapple tree. Let me say that again,


No guys, its not for prosperity and all that mystical stuff. Just did not know what else to do with the pineapple head. I know guys, I should get an XBOX 360 or something.

That's it guys. Started work on the third day of Chinese New Year.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The car that lasts forever

Whenever recession comes, I always believe its the best time to spend your money and not the other way around of keeping your money under the bed.

When businesses are affected, they tend to either boost sales by lowering the price of their products or services,

or they can just become an ass and ask the government for loan when they're in trouble.

But back in the small town of Kedah called Sungai Petani, where labor is relatively cheap, food is cheap, and girls that look like this,

the only thing not so good is businesses which are badly affected.

Looking at the way how things are going, small businesses who really has a tougher time of obtaining any loan (come on man, survival of the foetus ok?), they have no choice but to even lower their already low price of their products and services.

Its like you can buy an LV bag here for a quarter the original price because people here can't really afford it and well not many swanky people.

Well try halfing the already quarter price and you'd get the picture.

Now, with the Chinese New Year in one days time, we couldn't help but clean things up a little and make sure we look sharp to face the invetible recession threat coming our way.

So guess what guys, with RM500, we decided to give our old faithful ride a new coat of paint. You heard that right, RM500. The kind of money you can't even buy an ipod.

The you can see..simply wonderful..

Can you feel it!!CAN YOU FEEL IT!!


It may not be surprising to many of you i mean, what the hell, its just a coat of paint right.

I tell you...if you had a freaking rough surface car like mine for 10 years, you'd understand. You would understand when you go out on a date and could see tears flowing down from her face.

The kind of tears of deep sadness of how her future would be threatened if she would continue to have a deep relationship with this guy. Trust me guys, you wouldn't understand.

But all that will change with my new coat of paint when a friend of mine that I met up last night told me my car was a Ferrari. As much as a joke it may be (wait a big joke!), it somehow really made my day.

I feel the money spent was well worth its value. I feel the year of the OX will be a good one for me and I hope it does for you too. Its official guys, the car will lasts another 10 more years.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Paris Junior United Loses

Just awhile ago, while many were still recovering from their sleepless nights of night outing such as clubbing

or relationship hiccups that occurs at least three times a week(shared by a friend on the frequency of fights they have within a week) which so terribly happens to be on a friday night(but i guess that saves saturday right or wait...there is another one?, dammit...),

some friends and I who has been playing futsal together for nearly a year now had to wake up at 7 in the morning to go for a competition.

A Futsal Competition. A Competition with lots and lots of "Jaguh Kampung's" that came from as far as Ipoh to Alor Setar.

The only reason that we had to wake up so early was because the competition was over in Butterworth which we had to register before 9am.

Nevermind if we were going to face the biggest traffic jam of the year on Penang Bridge on the way back,

we were all set to go for the competition with "Boleh Menang" spirit in mind.

Before I continue any further, I did not manage to take any pictures since bloggers/blogging and playing football doesn't really go together. I would have definitely wanted to do something like this in the futsal ring

but i figured that would have sent a wrong message to my team members as well as to other teams who were going to play with us if you know what i mean..

and the other thing is...I won't like the idea of my camera in my bag to defend for itself when i'm out there playing the game. You just can't trust anyone nowadays..Simply can't..

Anyway, with much amazement, the futsal competition not only housed Jaguh Kampung's of northern states of Malaysia, but there were international footballers that came from as far as Oman as well.

That's right guys, for those of you who don't know. Oman is umm there....

There were also Nigerian fellars that gave everyone quite a jump since most of them looks like some of the stars in lets say someone popular such as....(since they look about the same)

Back on our side, our team had a jersey which costs us RM 35 which looked like this (not bad aeh)

and our team name was called Paris Junior United.

It is again not surprising why we had a name that really defines romance and little children playing football in kindergarten. Well, everyone was a supporter of different premier league clubs and nobody could agree on a single championship team and so, PJU is rather neutral which was accepted by everyone.

Just as a record, I would have preferred our team to be named Manchester United to give us the spirit to play in a MAN Utd. way rather than some woozy club that I have never heard my entire life!

or better still, to be called Malaysia and having unknown supporters cheering at us "Malaysia Boleh" dressed in the yellow and black striped shirt since our own supporters were busy drinking too much.

Luckilly we did neither of that, and stuck to Paris Junior United because our game did not turn out too well.

After 3 games to prove ourselves as Jaguh Kampung Champions of the northern state, we had to pack our bags and leave because we failed to qualify to go further. Here are the scores: -

First Game: 6 - 0 (I don't know, It definitely felt more than that)

Second Game: 4 - 0 (I don't know, I felt it was definitely more, BALLS kept coming)

Third Game: 2 - 0 (This one very true)

It is not surprising who the Zero belongs to when you see the score. With such a score, i figured, we did improve in every game and with the experience earned, we could definitely try next time, maybe Jaguh Kampung of the south.

oh and wait...if you're wondering what place I was playing, I was playing goal keeper. That's right GOAL KEEPER!That's right the dumb guy who gets punished for saving goals with balls that come at super speed.

Now most people wouldn't want to be a Goalkeeper because of the responsibility of keeping goals out and well, its simply GOD DAMN BORING TO BE JUST STANDING BY THE POST while everyone is out there playing FOOTBALL. Unless of course if you're earning millions of dollars in the premier league championship and of course it is very important that you play for the winning team.

However, I really had fun being a goalkeeper this time. In this time around, my post was very much favourited. How much funner does it get with 10 goals being scored at my goalpost.hmmm....definitely funner!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Once a Devil always a Devil

Watching TV in my house is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

And if 1,2, and 3 bores you. Number 7 really does entertain.

Watching TV in my house is like going back to the old days when everyone were watching the same movies especially commercials and able to share our thoughts about them. Like whether a movie was good, or that commercial was funny and all.

But today is all different. We have Astro and it doesn't take a genius to figure out by now that I do not have Astro.(Blame it for not being able to afford the monthly payment, and blame it because I go to places like Phuture twice in a row)

Anyhow to cut the story short, the only time I really want Astro in my house since I barely watch TV at home anyway, is whenever a good football match was around.

It was a match between Manchester United and Chelsea on 11/01/2009 which was a few days ago. A very very big clash between the top two teams.

So what i'm trying to say is that, I do not get to watch these matches because local television never play live football matches.

I BET YOU!!If they had live football matches, I wouldn't even have the need to subscribe to Astro at all!!

Well since there is youtube (you know I have to wait after a few days), I watched the game and noticed something very sneaky of Manchester United while taking a corner kick. Watch the video.

Damn Sneaky isn't it!!

Sigh..It takes a Devil to know another Devil..Somehow, I am all good with them coming up with something creative like this. A Devil Fan is a Devil himself. lol..

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Clubbing at Phuture two times in a row

Passing this road during the weekends can only bring one thing to mind...


In the next few hours, I can't help but believe i would be achieving a record of going to Phuture TWO TIMES IN A ROW!!

For those of you who don't know, Phuture is a newly renovated site in Zouk that plays really good RNB music).

Some people say:You come here...You don't want to go to MOIS anymore!

As branded as it seems, It occurs to me that paying RM58...I'll say that again RM58 for cover charge into places like this and getting a measly small glass of whiskey coke in exchange is all worth the money....

There is no real economic sense isn't it....gosh I just know i'm going to crash out in this bad economic times...

Imagine reading in newspapers of what other people are going through, that less people are buying their brand new clothes for Chinese New Year...

Don't be surprised if you do see me eat Roti Kosong for the next one month everyday asking for more curry simply because it comes additionally free and that it helps to sooth my Roti if i'm ever going to survive to go to Zouk after this troubling times..

Don't be surprised if I took the curry and drank it like Soup as Starters before my Roti.

It won't be long before joining this guys for a much cheaper alternative entertainment next to Penang Road....

I guess my life is going to change in the next few hours...Phuture here I come because I know...its going to be worth it..DAMMIT!!Not so good for my future isn't it..

1030 is it guys??

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Hey guys and girls again,


Ok i'm just gonna say that for now....A little rusty after not writing for so long. I really hope you guys had a great New Year Eve Party.

Now some of you may want to know what my resolution for this year would be like....

Welll....its the same like last year....