Thursday, December 04, 2008

My pick for Miss Pesta 2008

I could always remember the last time I went to Pesta in Penang.

Which was umm i'm 24 think umm maybe 16 years ago...

Pesta then was filled with entertainment and activities for family-goers. IT WAS REALLY A BIG AFFAIR TO GO THERE BACK THEN!!

It is much-alike to a skilled-down version of Disney Land as one would presume back then.

It's the kind of place that would answer Penangites question of "What's there to do in Penang?"

It's held a few times a year and i'd always remember how much I would have to force my parents to get me there so I could enjoy the short-thrill of not only wasting my parents money, but to enjoy the Ferris Wheel that I did not want to move out of it so much that I had to be given free rides by the ferris wheel operator.

I would scream and say "ONE MORE!!!ONE MORE!!!"

Then there is the roller-coster which was a must..It may not be what we have today,

but it was sufficient enough to make me happy back then.

There is also the bumper-ride which was an absolute must just to release the Dark Side in me by knocking everybody off ensuring that you get hurt when I do.

While all that was fun, soon the place was filled with too many boring ideas such as...

The cultural performances which umm nobody gives a crap..well i didn't...

and petty traders which was swarming around the place which soon had the feel of a Pasar Malam (actually it is). While this had some interests by many, this soon made the place lost its entertainment interests because night markets can be seen anywhere else.

Not to say, beggers were also entering PESTA by enjoying their own share of entertainment by begging for money.

and things like ferris wheels and roller-costers which are outdated to today's standards. I mean come on!!If you had said 16 years ago you enjoyed travelling inside a Nissan Sunny 130Y, I would have believed you!

But if you said it today, WHO ARE YOU JOKING??

So for years i've been stuck with the notion that PESTA is of what I could remember since I was small.

Now, just awhile ago, I read the newspaper of this on-going contest which is to be held tomorrow to choose their Miss Pesta 2008.

Just to let you know, Miss Pesta is another idea from Pesta to 'no idea how it promotes the place pesta' find the....


I suppose it is to find the most beautiful girl again that could spice up the boring Pesta (i hope you get what i mean by now because the event is not even held in Pesta!)

So lets just get on with it. I visited the website to see how pretty the girls are in there not expecting too much since the finalist would earn a cash price of RM3,000 and blah blah blah.

Now i've always been termed as someone who is choosey with girls. I tend to be very picky. I only like pretty girls. But I don't believe that, just luck has not come my way for many years.

With that, i'm going to put my eyes to the test to see whether i'm really that a choosey person that goes for sugar instead of salt. Maybe my eyes have deceived me of what "Pretty" really is.

Since this contest has no longer a need for the girls to parade in their swimming suits which is important to see their figure of how their upkeep themselves if not why tell us their vitals (ok not very important since looks can d)

and I would not be able to hear how they talk and answer questions (ok not very important since looks can d)

and I would not be able to see them move on the walkway (ok not very important since looks can d)

and I would not be able to see how they dress up in different dresses (ok not very important since looks can d)

I am going to guess who the finalist will be tomorrow for this contest by just looking at their picture (have you not heard, pictures tell a thousand words about you)

AS for this case, one word. Miss Pesta 2008.

My eyes tell me, Tan Yee Woon.


Don't forget to read the newspaper on 6th December 2008 to see whether I am right.

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