Sunday, November 02, 2008

Plusliner Bus - Serendipity

Yesterday, I came down to KL by bus. (not this NICE bus ok!)

That's right guys!THE BUS AGAIN!!

Unlike my once-in-a-bluemoon-treat of using exclusive buses such as the Aeroline that I wrote a post not too long ago,

At most times though, I would be using buses that are half the price of it.

Its the kind of bus that you'll never bump into a beautiful girl. If you ever remembered of how a guy and girl would meet up in buses and end up being a relationship, it will never happen in this bus. NEVER!!(ummm maybe this kind of gal, i think got arr..)

Even the thought of having a beautiful girl boarding such a bus would fail to appear and even if she does board the bus, u can't help but think that GOD didn't put her in this hell hole!!Definitely not with people like me in such a bus..

And even if such things would happen, people who board this bus would never take a girl out on dates at romantic places like Ferengghi Garden.

At most he would be taking her to the famous LOVE LANE in Penang, hoping that some kind of miracle would happen there and keeping fingers-crossed that it does not matter where you are but how both of you could make do in LOVE LANE.

Even if he decides to take her to Mcdonalds, it would have been the biggest sacrifice of his life as he would have to now downgrade himself to a much much cheaper bus that he'd never know whether he would be able to see her again.

With all that, at a price of RM30 and below, this bus is called the Plusliner.

It has many couple seats.

It has an emergency door and colored for local emergencies to use during the right time if you know what i mean..

and umm the lane to get out of the bus between seats..

That's it!!Ok I will tell you what this bus does not have!

It has no SIA stewardesses unlike the Aeroline bus to make your trip comfortable.(What the hell was I expecting for such a price!!)

It has no more toilets unlike the Aeroline bus and so...our bodies would learn to adapt and make sure we pee and shitz when the time is right.

They do not serve us food and drinks on this bus. We Starve!(Now u know why i don't really add weight)

It stops once at a rest stop throughout the journey and it takes a hell of a long time to reach our destination and also it has no TV.

It is of no wonder that i'm a very simple person.

This bus may not have alot but I only hope to have one thing that this BUS could hopefully ever offer me. Everytime before I board this bus down to KL, I can only hope and pray


that something good will happen to me on this bus with a cinema full of couple seats that some nice and pretty and down-to-earth and local and understanding and chatty girl would make my trip a little more enjoyable...

I hope i'm not asking too much for a little Serendipity to happen on the Plusliner next time I go to KL again.NOT ASKING TOO MUCH!!

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