Saturday, November 29, 2008

One month of updates

Its been awhile now, and i've been receiving a number of threats that I better update my blog.

So here it is is the latest that I will wrap everything up from what i've been doing and experienced for the past one month all in this single post.

Cynfashion.blogspot style.

If there were questions wondering on what my daily job look like (at least part of it) and how weekends looked like on my part, well...this is it...This is as serious I can get until my next post.

Here we go....

Moved a Squatter for RM70,000 in Balik Pulau after much discussion(Isn't it great to be a squatter?At the rate i'm earning through blogs, It'll take me 1400 years or more to earn that kind of money!!!).

Demolished part of their house

with a sledge hammer making sure that nobody will ever be able to stay in the house again!EVER!!

This is how it looked like before I got nasty!!

Then you might think where in this world you can build a house for RM70,000 and less. Well there you go. Only in Balik Pulau you still can. Squatter took free money, bought a piece of land, and build a new LEGAL HOME and is no longer called a squatter.WTF!!DATS OUR MONEY!!!

Could have bought a Proton Persona and still have balance to buy sports rims and modify my exhaust to sound FAST!!!

This month as part of my work, I facilitated in the transportation of equipment for maintenance and repair.

Next,somewhere along this month, I woke up early one morning and couldn't believe a bentley parked at my apartment carpark space.

Why would someone be parking a Bently at a cheap ass place where i'm staying unless....

Ok i'm going to be a little narrow minded here.


ok that maybe a little too much for some people to handle....people who drive bentley's don't do that. They have class ok. Maybe just someone pretty girl who stays there that he really loves. But that doesn't explain why he park so many other more expensive car around there?

For you car enthusiasts out there, this has definitely got to be the 2nd Bentley i've seen around in Penang but the first being a two-doored.

Moving on....

Ok other than that, I went for a seminar at Dewan Puspanitapuri in Putrajaya.

If there was anything that shows girl existence of power, it would be here.

There are all pictures of powerful women of Malaysia hanged on the wall.

No sight of men pictures whatsoever!What happened to equality!!

Moving on again. Certain days of the week in Penang, I oversee a renovation project for my company's new office in Penang. Hopefully to be ready by early next year.

At the end of it all, I can't help but make sure that I enjoy the week by giving myself a treat at places like this after all that hard work.

With cool bands that was there a few weeks back.

I guess that's about it. Will update again but for now...Time for Futsal!!


Ray said...

WHOsssat gin lol gf? she's cute

Mr GiN said...

new gf??dats for the guy who drives the bentley!lol..