Saturday, November 29, 2008

One month of updates

Its been awhile now, and i've been receiving a number of threats that I better update my blog.

So here it is is the latest that I will wrap everything up from what i've been doing and experienced for the past one month all in this single post.

Cynfashion.blogspot style.

If there were questions wondering on what my daily job look like (at least part of it) and how weekends looked like on my part, well...this is it...This is as serious I can get until my next post.

Here we go....

Moved a Squatter for RM70,000 in Balik Pulau after much discussion(Isn't it great to be a squatter?At the rate i'm earning through blogs, It'll take me 1400 years or more to earn that kind of money!!!).

Demolished part of their house

with a sledge hammer making sure that nobody will ever be able to stay in the house again!EVER!!

This is how it looked like before I got nasty!!

Then you might think where in this world you can build a house for RM70,000 and less. Well there you go. Only in Balik Pulau you still can. Squatter took free money, bought a piece of land, and build a new LEGAL HOME and is no longer called a squatter.WTF!!DATS OUR MONEY!!!

Could have bought a Proton Persona and still have balance to buy sports rims and modify my exhaust to sound FAST!!!

This month as part of my work, I facilitated in the transportation of equipment for maintenance and repair.

Next,somewhere along this month, I woke up early one morning and couldn't believe a bentley parked at my apartment carpark space.

Why would someone be parking a Bently at a cheap ass place where i'm staying unless....

Ok i'm going to be a little narrow minded here.


ok that maybe a little too much for some people to handle....people who drive bentley's don't do that. They have class ok. Maybe just someone pretty girl who stays there that he really loves. But that doesn't explain why he park so many other more expensive car around there?

For you car enthusiasts out there, this has definitely got to be the 2nd Bentley i've seen around in Penang but the first being a two-doored.

Moving on....

Ok other than that, I went for a seminar at Dewan Puspanitapuri in Putrajaya.

If there was anything that shows girl existence of power, it would be here.

There are all pictures of powerful women of Malaysia hanged on the wall.

No sight of men pictures whatsoever!What happened to equality!!

Moving on again. Certain days of the week in Penang, I oversee a renovation project for my company's new office in Penang. Hopefully to be ready by early next year.

At the end of it all, I can't help but make sure that I enjoy the week by giving myself a treat at places like this after all that hard work.

With cool bands that was there a few weeks back.

I guess that's about it. Will update again but for now...Time for Futsal!!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Drinking Beer with Lime

Ok here's something easier to digest before reading my post on the Plusliner..

Just awhile ago, I went to meet up with my cousin at The Curve for dinner.

If there was anything I love about this place, is that there is a small Philippino band that plays all kind of romantic music. So if you are out of places to bring your girlfriend, out of money, and what more with nothing to do, i'm pretty sure this is the place you'd want to stay around for awhile..

The occasion was to see his very young kids with one that still needs carrying.

And the other being 2 years old.

As for dinner, we went to a restaurant called Bavarian Bierhaus (its amazing for someone who takes the plusliner bus).

Judging from the look on the signboard, it is indefinite not to drink beer.

Now I am not going to write about my food since i would leave that to somebody else or wait...somebody has done it already isn't it!

I am going to talk about my beer that I had there. I mean i've never done any posts on drinks before.

So just before I had my very expensive Paulaner together with my meal,

my cousin told me to try the beer with lemon in it as he had heard from a friend in America a long time back.

Now I don't really know what kind of crap they come up with in America, but what the heck, for the fun of it, I went ahead with it.

Drop a lemon in it, and after having half a glass full of the beer, I couldn't help but think that, there was nothing great about it except for the slight tint taste of lemon.

How about squeezing lemon into it??Would that make a bigger difference?hmm..

And So i did.

Drinking the rest of my Paulaner with lime knowing full-well that it will taste like ummm...


I can't help but think I would either get a very upsetting stomach or at worst delusional.

Things seem ok until I noticed something rather different with one the boys...

The two year old boy suddenly came out from his chair.

Walked closed to another table and stared at the little girl

After 10 minutes, really focused and keeping full eye contact with the girl.

Then squad and admire her. It looked like someone found love at an early age.

hmm I don't know about you guys, was it me or is it just that guys today really start at a really really young age or is it simply i've noticed too many marriages this year..

All I know is, at least it gives a sigh of relieve that the parents know he is normal than to think 20 years later he'll be the next Elton John!

Plusliner Bus - Serendipity

Yesterday, I came down to KL by bus. (not this NICE bus ok!)

That's right guys!THE BUS AGAIN!!

Unlike my once-in-a-bluemoon-treat of using exclusive buses such as the Aeroline that I wrote a post not too long ago,

At most times though, I would be using buses that are half the price of it.

Its the kind of bus that you'll never bump into a beautiful girl. If you ever remembered of how a guy and girl would meet up in buses and end up being a relationship, it will never happen in this bus. NEVER!!(ummm maybe this kind of gal, i think got arr..)

Even the thought of having a beautiful girl boarding such a bus would fail to appear and even if she does board the bus, u can't help but think that GOD didn't put her in this hell hole!!Definitely not with people like me in such a bus..

And even if such things would happen, people who board this bus would never take a girl out on dates at romantic places like Ferengghi Garden.

At most he would be taking her to the famous LOVE LANE in Penang, hoping that some kind of miracle would happen there and keeping fingers-crossed that it does not matter where you are but how both of you could make do in LOVE LANE.

Even if he decides to take her to Mcdonalds, it would have been the biggest sacrifice of his life as he would have to now downgrade himself to a much much cheaper bus that he'd never know whether he would be able to see her again.

With all that, at a price of RM30 and below, this bus is called the Plusliner.

It has many couple seats.

It has an emergency door and colored for local emergencies to use during the right time if you know what i mean..

and umm the lane to get out of the bus between seats..

That's it!!Ok I will tell you what this bus does not have!

It has no SIA stewardesses unlike the Aeroline bus to make your trip comfortable.(What the hell was I expecting for such a price!!)

It has no more toilets unlike the Aeroline bus and so...our bodies would learn to adapt and make sure we pee and shitz when the time is right.

They do not serve us food and drinks on this bus. We Starve!(Now u know why i don't really add weight)

It stops once at a rest stop throughout the journey and it takes a hell of a long time to reach our destination and also it has no TV.

It is of no wonder that i'm a very simple person.

This bus may not have alot but I only hope to have one thing that this BUS could hopefully ever offer me. Everytime before I board this bus down to KL, I can only hope and pray


that something good will happen to me on this bus with a cinema full of couple seats that some nice and pretty and down-to-earth and local and understanding and chatty girl would make my trip a little more enjoyable...

I hope i'm not asking too much for a little Serendipity to happen on the Plusliner next time I go to KL again.NOT ASKING TOO MUCH!!