Saturday, October 18, 2008

There is no toilet that goes unnoticed

Ok guys some of you should know by now after my previous post that the Aeroline Bus has a toilet

which I thought was impossible since Malaysians and toilet can never really go together. (ok not going to post up another disgusting picture)

Maybe people who travel with this bus are more educated and civilized.

But whatever it is I guess I have underestimated our Malaysians and that toilets are left unharmed.


Yesterday, I decided to take the Aeroline Bus again back to Penang this time(since its just so convenient to fly) which only has one bus throughout the whole day and leaves at 10am.

After enjoying a wonderful Subway Burger as breakfast which is normally provided on trips back to Penang,

I decided to make full use of the facilities provided and visited the civilized toilet only to notice this...


It still remains true...There is no toilet that goes unnnoticed.


Johnny Ong said...

i do use this bus and u wldn't want this bus to allow ppl doin big biz as the bus will stink then hehe

Mr GiN said...

johnny ong: u got that right!!hehe..