Thursday, October 16, 2008

Penang Harbour Trade Center

A few days ago before I left for the modern city of Kuala Lumpur where it is marveled for its unique architecture buildings,

people who can afford expensive cars,

men who are believed to be more matured with women with some maturing way too early of their time and is already racing at the age of 15,

and girls who are known to be prettier than any other states in the country (well that's because they are all from other states such as Penang)

I went to pay a customer a visit at a place called Penang Harbour Trade Center.


For those of you who has no clue whatsoever that such a place exists, TRUST ME!! You are not alone!!

Judging by the name alone, you might think there will be girls dressed up like this walking around just like the show the Devil Wears Prada.

You might think that such a place would be filled with cars that is nothing less than Ferrari's, Lamborghini's or Bentley's parked in a row in front of the centre.

Even if that may be too much, at least a row of car enthusiasts would pick such a spot to show off their supped up Japanese Fast Racing Cars and line them up in a row in front of the center.

You might think that such a place would be filled with exclusive outlets targeted to the rich and beautiful that poor people will never be able to afford not to say walk in.

You might think that there will be places such as Coffee Bean or Starbucks for professionals to seat together and have a drink and enjoy the breathtaking view from the Harbour

instead of sitting around at Gurney Plaza looking at coffee cups which ends up being more interesting.

We would also like to think that such a place would have a spectacular architectural design if not at least somewhere close to Harbour Front in Singapore

or at least Sydney Harbour (maybe I am getting a little too far here)

okok to cut the story short, I now present to you our very own Penang Harbour Trade Center.

Ready??here it goes...

It may seem a little difficult to find..

Its located at Lintang Macallum 2...

This is the building.hmmm...

It is next to the biggest wet market called Pasar Borang Pulau Mutiara. I guess we know what kind of trading they do around here.

Surrounded with not too distant high-rise buildings.

There are cars parked in a row infront of the Trade Center. At least its parked in a row!!

That's the view of the harbour from where I was standing....

and as you step into the lift, it is not surprising to expect symbols being drawn like this.

umm i guess i don't have to go on further what our harbour trade center is all about as the symbol wraps up everything ...

I guess i expected a little too much from our harbour trade centre. Anyhow, if you're wondering where I met up with my customer at this place, well it wasn't too difficult. While many do meet up with customers at fancy restaurants and bars which was non-existent there, I on the other hand was at the famous not too difficult to find

Sin Ban Leng Cafe.

Barli Peng!!CHAR KOAY TEOW!!


Boss Stewie said...

I never knew that place existed

Mr GiN said...

you are not

Mabel Leong said...


Mr GiN said...

glad u like it!!hehe..

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