Wednesday, September 03, 2008

She has High Expectations

I'm only writing this because I don't want to forget it.

What i'm going to share with you all is a girl that I met two days ago (of course i did not spend the whole day seeing reservoirs!!)for a friendly drinking session of which I got to know her better.

Somehow, my meet up with her soon turned out to be an interview.

She loves to chill at Bagan.

She loves to drink Wine

She has taken up a few Salsa Dancing classes before. (actually pro la don't want to say only)

She doesn't like clubbing but does go like once a month.

She knows how to give you medicine when you're ill

She can speak Mandarine

She loves to cook.

She desires to open her own business one day.

She doesn't talk bad about her ex-boyfriends.

Now this is definitely true, I didn't set the place or time for our meetup. She did although I was actually asking her out. Ok lucky it was only in Gurney Plaza. Not the anything and whatever kind of girl.

umm wat else...

She's binded to a contract of 4 years working in Penang which means that you will not need to worry if there will ever be a long distance relationships anytime in-between.

She is determined to marry at the age of 26 to 27 there.

She would love to have 2 to 3 kids.

She is looking for older men as they are more...

let me stress this out loud..


They should have a stable income and job by then.Should la.

She prefers taller men.

She doesn't like Ah Beng or Tu Kau. (Sorry ahh...if you are thinkin or dunno you are that type arr)

She keeps up-to-date with movies in the cinema. Don't be too late in asking her out for movies or else she would have watched it already.

She goes for movies on Wednesday because its cheaper to watch on Wednesday. You know, RM6 per person. (She can save money aeh!)

She loves to sing, spending some of her time in Red Box.

Let me put it this way, If you can't sing, act, or dance. You're on the wrong queue buddy!

She likes a guy who is Ambitious with great goals in life to achieve.

She loves to be showered with Love.

She doesn't really desire gifts as a way of showing your love for her.

She is simple yet sophisticated.

She doesn't umm do any sports except maybe badminton (I mean how difficult can it get to hit a shuttle around)

Her guy has to be fairly good looking.

Her guys has to be nice.

She thinks that Ferengghi Garden is the most romantic place she's ever been in Penang. She adds that you could bring in your own red wine and dine and you wouldn't be charged a corkage fee.

She prefers Starbucks to Coffee Bean.

Now I could carry on the whole day with what may seem as an interview, until I asked her whether I could take her out for another date like lunch, dinner or something after calculating my savings, Fd's , Shares, and minor assets like laptops and handphone in my head.

I was ambitious at the point of time that I was definitely the guy to suit her needs. Guess what she said.

She told me that she was not looking for at least one year.

Oh ok. I guess that says EVERYTHING ISN' T IT!! Dammit!!


Boss Stewie said...

This girl sounds like someone I know

Leon said...


Leon said...

That leaves me out. I am far from mature.

SY said...

That answer is just B$!

Mr GiN said...

boss stewie: hehe..u do know..

Leon: u haven't tried

sy: hmmm...

Dann said...

Well, she have the quality to sell at a higher price. Increase your market value yo... =)

Mr GiN said...

dann: haha i'll keep that in mind..

cynzlim said...

gin gin gin... oh gin gin gin... ask her out for lunch or something. her one year time off is to know u better =p

SERENA said...

sounds like me Gin.

Except the part about getting hitched c/w kids