Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I just watched Hancock on DVD

Here's a very short movie review since i'm rather free at the moment.

Last night I just watched Hancock.

That's right guys! Its been that loooonnngg.

I actually listened to my friends (who is forever up-to-date with movies) and waited this long to watch it on DVD since its release in the cinema awhile back, which luckily I did listen.

As for the movie.....(I know its a little too late for any review but i'm going to tell you what i feel anyway without elaborating too much on details, actually no details at all)

I know I have the DVD.

I know the whole whale thing looks cool..

and I know Charlize Theron is hot.

but will get lost somewhere in my DVD stack.


Kennysia said...

those sure are alot of pirated dvds

Mr GiN said...

kennysia: i'm sure they are..the best part is..they're not